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Black Hole's Event Horizon dia. and Internal Mass dia. relationship.

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    Is there a theory about the relationship, a ratio perhaps, for a Black Hole's event horizon dia. and its actual internal mass dia.? It would seem that there must be a physical mass in there somewhere, of some particular size for a given mass. This ratio may vary proportional to the mass of the Black Hole? Apologies if this is well known and I am still clueless about it.
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    Jonathan Scott

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    As far as I know, the internal mass would have no volume; it is effectively a point for a spherically symmetrical black hole and a line forming a circle for a rotating one.
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    It depends on whether an irreducible density state of matter exists. By current knowledge, the Pauli exclusion principle is the last known force resisting the crush of gravity in a superdense mass. There may, however, be something akin to the exclusion principle going on further down at the quark level. This is purely speculative, but a subject of interest in condensed matter studies. My purely speculative vote goes out to the planck density as maximum possible density of matter. It is unfathomably dense, but yields a finite volume.
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