Black-Powder Propulsion Senior Project

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I'm working on my senior project. The project I'm working on can be modeled similarly to a gun. I am having some problems finding a way to model pressure as a function of time as a weight/mass moves down a tube after the combustion of black-powder. Any direction in this would be great.
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You want links on smooth bore interior ballistics, here is one that will help, and has some java code attached:

Google is your friend on this one.

1. What is black-powder propulsion and how does it work?

Black-powder propulsion is a method of using gunpowder to create explosive force and propel objects, such as bullets or rockets. Gunpowder is made up of three main components: potassium nitrate, charcoal, and sulfur. When ignited, these components rapidly burn and release large amounts of hot gas, which creates pressure and propels the object forward.

2. What are the main applications of black-powder propulsion?

Black-powder propulsion has historically been used in firearms, artillery, and fireworks. In modern times, it is also used in model rocketry and as a propellant in certain types of small-scale engines.

3. What are the potential dangers associated with black-powder propulsion?

One of the main dangers of black-powder propulsion is its explosive nature. If not handled properly, it can cause serious injury or even death. It is also a sensitive substance and can be easily ignited by heat, friction, or shock. Therefore, proper safety precautions must be taken when handling and using black powder.

4. What are some factors that can affect the performance of black-powder propulsion?

The performance of black-powder propulsion can be affected by a variety of factors, including the quality and composition of the gunpowder, the design and construction of the projectile or rocket, and external factors such as wind and temperature. Properly measuring and controlling these factors is crucial for achieving optimal performance.

5. How is black-powder propulsion being improved and innovated in modern times?

In recent years, there has been a push to develop more efficient and powerful forms of black-powder propulsion. This has led to advancements in the composition and manufacturing of gunpowder, as well as the design and construction of projectiles and rockets. Additionally, the use of computer simulation and testing has allowed for more precise and effective optimization of black-powder propulsion systems.