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A project (or program) is any undertaking, carried out individually or collaboratively and possibly involving research or design, that is carefully planned (usually by a project team, but sometimes by a project manager or by a project planner) to achieve a particular aim.An alternative view sees a project managerially as a sequence of events: a "set of interrelated tasks to be executed over a fixed period and within certain cost and other limitations".A project may be a temporary (rather than permanent) social system (work system), possibly staffed by teams (within or across organizations) to accomplish particular tasks under time constraints.A project may form a part of wider programme management
or function as an ad hoc system.Note that open-source software "projects" or artists' musical "projects" (for example) may lack defined team-membership, precise planning and/or time-limited durations.

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  1. AJSayad

    Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering Undergrad Senior Design Project

    Hi everyone, This semester I'm enrolled in a senior design course where the students must fully design and fabricate a project from scratch that solves a problem. I've been struggling to think of ideas, so far I have some ideas on a windmill/turbine and a few electricity generation device ideas...
  2. Viii

    Interplanetary cruise problem

    Summary:: You have a spacecraft the size of a cube (2x2x2 m^3, m=3000 kg. It has 24 thrusters (2N each) and one main engine. For preparing your spacecraft for maneuvers, you want to rotate by 180 degrees. For the rotation, you'll use n=4 attitude thrusters per burn. What am I doing wrong...
  3. U

    Material properties of a bicycle

    Summary:: Please help me to determine the thickness of the material of the bicycle given, i need a step by step procedure. I know the formula required but can figure out the forces acting and reactions on the bicycle. The weight of the person riding the cycle is estimated to be 70-80kg Help me
  4. patrykh18

    Plasma physics project ideas

    Summary:: I am looking for topics to give a presentation on. Hi everyone. If this is in the wrong section feel free to move it. Anyway, as part of our lab course, on top of doing experiments we will also have to prepare a 20 minute presentation on a chosen topic on physics. This is not like...
  5. dlxgains

    Moment of inertia project help- experiment 1: Bifiler Rod

    Homework Statement: So i need to find equations to help me with a bifiler suspension experiment in which i will use a rectangular drop bar as the oscillating object, also any help with the method of this experiment would be greatly appreciated. The end goal is to find the moment of inertia...
  6. C

    How do I gain creative experience in engineering?

    Summary: (undergrad student) What is something I can do this summer to develop my creative instinct in engineering? Hey everyone! I am currently an undergrad freshman studying mechanical engineering. I love the courses and I understand the scientific concepts, but I know that engineering is a...
  7. TachyonLord

    Project on Electricity & Magnetism(Topic Suggestions needed)

    So I have taken up this course on Electricity and Magnetism and we need to prepare a project as in not very broad as such but for example, attempting to solve a problem or something that is related to the subject but off the course. I'd like to involve computation too in some form or the other...
  8. N

    Electrostatic generator

    Hi all Interested in making an electrostatic generator, anyone have experience of building one and also what type would be the most efficient build induction or friction based? Lots of info on the net regarding the principles but and good books for this or websites? Also how best to...
  9. bornofflame

    Computer Recommendations: Project inspiration w/ a budget

    Howdy all. I haven't played around with building any circuits recently and so I'm pondering small projects that can be done for around 50 $US, though I'm willing to spend as much as 100 %US on parts. I have a soldering iron and experience using it and some familiarity with components (as well as...
  10. sams

    Questions Regarding a Semester Project

    I want to include a semester project for an undergraduate course for this semester. As a new lecturer, I was wondering about several aspects of this project and I would like to gain a deep insight of the following: 1. What subjects should I choose? Should they be related to the topics that are...
  11. F

    Project Ideas on CSE

    Hello! I have to select a project for this semester.. from a lot of ideas one that got my sight is- "Simulate connected car with vector canoe simulator".... I am thinking about making a project out of it where cars will be connected and they will get information for public transport and...
  12. SilverJW

    Bicep curling spring device questions

    Dear Forum, Please advice. I have a project where I'll be implementing a device that helps with Bicep Curls, adding resistance to it. So I have an idea with 2 pieces of guards, one on the forearm and one on the biceps, it will be conjoined through a latch in the middle which will rest in...
  13. M

    Schools I have to submit a physics project in my college

    I have to submit a physics project in my college, is there any theory that can be proved, or any other similar thing using the ephemeris of a satellite? or any other good project idea that doesn't consume too much time.
  14. Kaura

    Disc Golf Launcher

    For my Engineering class I have to work with three other people to design a device that launchers a disc golf. So far we have a basic design plan but we are unsure if it is actually viable. Essentially there will be a platform that holds the disc in place and will be propelled by 2 to 4...
  15. N

    Other Finding a research project

    Although I am an undergrad in mathematics and physics, I would place myself at a graduate level. I have gone through many textbooks on my own and currently I am studying the Landau and Lifshitz series. The reading and exercises are fun, but now I want to do something with it. More specifically...
  16. M

    I Examples of emergence?

    For a school project, I've got to choose a subject. I chose "Emergence", but I have to narrow it down a little bit. So, that's why I'm creating this topic. The definition of emergence that I use: By emergence, I mean the fact that proprieties of one scale implies other proprieties by changing...
  17. BiGyElLoWhAt

    Other Deciding on my senior thesis project

    Hey all, I'm trying to come up with a senior thesis project in the realm of GR. It doesn't have to be new, just new to me. I'm having trouble coming up with ideas (or knowing whether or not they would be good for this). One idea that I just came up with: Numerically solve EFE for the solar...
  18. Vivan Vatsa

    I want to Fetch Ideas for my School Project!!

    Hello Forumers, Its been very long time since I haven't not been on PF. Today that streak ends!! I want ideas for my physics school project. please give me some great ideas & where to find it!!! please keep the following in mind while giving ideas:- 1. I am 12th Grade student 2. I want a...
  19. V

    Calculating for a distance including vi, vf, time, and Ff

    Homework Statement For a project we have to find a movie scene and calculate using any variables we can find. I am using Back to the Future and want to calculate the distance the DeLorean travels in one of the first scenes when they're first using it. I'd also like to find the acceleration from...
  20. A

    How to calculate the force to cut a log?

    Good morning guys, So i want to make mechanism to cut log with diameter 5 cm and 120 cm length. So how i can calculate the force to cut this log perpendicular and paralel. What is tbe formula i can use? And how i can determine the saw thickness and rpm needed to cut this log? Thanks guys for...
  21. ISamson

    Computer Possibilities with DIY IoT Projects and Products

    Hello. While planning to purchase an Arduino MKR1000 or ESP8266 I decided to analyse the possibilities with IoT projects. How far is it possible to go with DIY IoT projects? I have read a number of things on unboxing an MKR1000, setting it up, but it is hard to estimate the possibilities of...
  22. S

    Egg Tower Project

    Homework Statement For my Grade 12 Physics ISU, basically I have to build a self-contained device (Can complete the task on its own after setting it up) using physics that can pick up an raw egg inside an egg cup and place safely it on a table/tower 1m away then continue 1m past the table. The...
  23. Mayed Al-Tunaiji

    Other Senior graduation project (HS)

    Hello, PF, I am a senior in high school and my school requires me to come up with an innovative idea about science and/or engineering. After coming with an idea lets say for example it was an engine of some sort we have to request the parts from the school and build it. my problem is with the...
  24. ISamson

    Arduino Starter Kit Project Ideas

    Hello, I have ordered an arduino atarter kit and plan to explore some programming and electronics. Do you have any interesting project ideas for me? Thanks.
  25. SeaDawg

    Need help for project plans (Solar and Wind Generator)

    Hi, I'm trying to build an auto-sufficient station, this is my "blueprint" for mounting everything together : and I would like to know if it was possible to calculate the voltage and intensity entering the Charge Controller without measuring it, if...
  26. M

    Reactions to produce electricity

    I am looking for reactions that can power a small car. I'm currently working on a college project where we have to make a car powered by a chemical reaction. Could anyone guide me in the right direction?
  27. AMuonParticle

    Other I need recommendations for an interesting Senior Project.

    I'm currently a junior in high school, and I'm really interested in physics, especially particle physics and quantum mechanics. At my school, everybody needs to do a big senior project to graduate, involving multiple papers and about 30 hours of work, usually to build something or organize a...
  28. ramzerimar

    Calculations for weight-lifting motor...

    The project I'm building involves a 12 V electric motor connected to a spindle lifting a 20kg weight. The radius of the spindle is 2cm, so the torque applied by the weight is 0,02m*20kg*9,8m/s^2, which gives me 3,92N*m. So, my 12 V motor needs to deliver 3,92N*m just to keep the weight steady...
  29. OrlandoLewis

    How to toggle and latch using logic gates?

    We're implementing Dots and Boxes to logic circuits and the we would like to automate the process of changing turns. If you know the game, the game changes turn when one move doesn't score a point or form two or more boxes. I was able to create overlapping XOR gates that alternates from high to...
  30. infactuality

    Schools Need An Idea for a Brain Project...

    Forgive me if this is in the wrong category or if there are any issues, this is my first post. My problem is that I need an idea for a brain project, as you may have noticed from the title. The class is a gifted enrichment course which, this year, is focused primarily on the brain. The gist of...