What is Senior project: Definition and 42 Discussions

A culminating project (also known as a senior project, grad project or exit project), is a project that challenges high school seniors to demonstrate their academic knowledge in an experiential way (in most cases). According to the United States Department of Education State Education Boards typically allow individual school districts to customize the project, based on basic state guidelines.

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  1. sams

    Questions Regarding my Supervising of an Undergrad Senior Project in Physics

    I’m currently supervising an undergraduate senior project in the Department of Physics. I’m responsible for supervising a last year physics student who will be graduating by the end of June. As a new lecturer and supervisor, I was wondering about several aspects and I would like to gain a deeper...
  2. A

    Andrew's Senior Project: Copper Sulfate & Plant Development

    Hello, I'm Andrew and I'm in 12th grade. If you are interested, I would like to share a presentation showing the process, observations, results of an experiment showing the physical effects copper sulfate can have on early plant development. I, with much help from some intelligent members of...
  3. charliebrown

    Patient Lifter Boom design for my ME Senior Project

    Hello, I'm a student of mechanical engineering and I'm doing a project for my university in order to graduate. Right now we are doing the design for the boom of the crane but I have some doubts according to the analysis we could say is the FBD part my team says that the beam is considered as fix...
  4. B

    Nuclear physics senior project

    What are some good ideas for a senior project in nuclear physics? So far I've taken the following courses (important ones): Analytical Mechanics, E&M, Introduction to Modern physics, Introduction to Nuclear physics. Right now I'm enrolled in the QM course (as well as others). I should be...
  5. meshein

    Senior Project - Quadcopter with Rotating Arms

    Hello, I am working on a senior project right now and I need some assistance with determining the torque required to rotate an arm with a propeller attached to it. Any of the 4 arms can be rotated to control the direction of travel. The idea is the control system will have a consistent set...
  6. B

    Other Senior project ideas? - Physics/Engineering

    Hello there! As a current junior undergrad, it is time to start thinking about senior project/design ideas. Although I will be a physicist by degree, I plan on pursuing graduate school in an engineering field (most likely mechanical, aerospace, or something closely related). I still have some...
  7. Biscuit

    Exploring the Mysteries of Gravity: From the Higgs Field to Spaghettification

    For my senior project I am writing a paper on the Higgs Boson. Whatever project we decide to do we have to have an accompanying research paper. I am unable to write about anything that I mention in my paper (everything involving the Higgs). What are some related topics that I could do my second...
  8. AMuonParticle

    Other I need recommendations for an interesting Senior Project.

    I'm currently a junior in high school, and I'm really interested in physics, especially particle physics and quantum mechanics. At my school, everybody needs to do a big senior project to graduate, involving multiple papers and about 30 hours of work, usually to build something or organize a...
  9. Biscuit

    Other Senior Project (HS): Physics Research Paper

    Ok I can't tell if this should go in academic guidance or homework questions so I'll just put it here. I decided to do my high school senior project writing a paper on a recent discovery in physics. I narrowed my topic choices down to either photonic particles, exotic hadrons, or the Higgs. I...
  10. Biscuit

    Schools Should I Change My High School Senior Project to Something Related to Physics?

    So at my high school we have to do a senior project. My initial plan was to write a book and then a piano song to go with it but I'm having second thoughts. Although mine is plenty difficult enough I see people doing internships and all this stuff that looks great on a college app. For example...
  11. R

    Schools High school senior project - Need advice

    Hello! I'm a junior in high school, and my school requires that every senior complete a "senior project" along with a research paper related to your project. Pretty much, you're supposed to do something that provides you with a learning experience or something that can help you grow as a person...
  12. X

    Interdisciplinary Senior Project vs Senior Project Only In Physics

    I did an REU this summer at the university I go to and thanks G-d we got a lot more work done then expected. The REU was in Chaos theory, and we are waiting for the supercomputer to spit out some results and if the results are what as predicted we'll be able to write a paper in which I'll be...
  13. M

    Physics/Mechanical senior project brainstorming

    I'm studying Physics for a B.S. but intend to pursue a masters in ME. Next year I'm going to start my senior project in physics but would like to start doing some research and brainstorming as soon as possible. What I'm trying to do is choose a project that can provide the means to bring all...
  14. S

    My senior Project ( online website )

    hi everyone , i doing online website for ordering pizza using dreamweaver (html) and i wonder when i create a form for the customer to select their food and write down there location .. so should all this information go to database ? is there a way that this information be sent to the supplier...
  15. J

    Black-Powder Propulsion Senior Project

    I'm working on my senior project. The project I'm working on can be modeled similarly to a gun. I am having some problems finding a way to model pressure as a function of time as a weight/mass moves down a tube after the combustion of black-powder. Any direction in this would be great.
  16. T

    Mechanical Engineering Senior Project Ideas in the Biomechanics field

    I'm in my third and final year Bs. in mechanical engineering degree .(I need to do a 2 year Ms. to have a BE. equivilant in case anyone was wondering) .Anyways , I don't know where to start with my senior project. I'm interested in the bio mechanics field . I love animals (my dog is my best...
  17. C

    Opinions please - ME Senior Project - Solar or Turbine

    The fall semester just started and my team and I have to come up with a senior design project. Faculty projects and industry funded projects are very slim this year and it’s looking like our best bet will be to come up with (and fund) our own design. At this time I am torn between two ideas...
  18. L

    Idea for a senior project related to renewable energy

    dear members, i would like to thank the owners of this forum for giving us students the opportunity to share our ideas and thoughts about topics related to electronics. i would like to help me pick up few thoughts or ideas for a senior project related to renewable energy such as solar or...
  19. K

    Senior Project Interview: Seeking an Electrical Engineer

    Hello my name is geoffrey Philippe and i am a senior at frankford high school. I am working on a senior project in which i would have to interview some one working in the career I am looking to get into in the future, i chose electrical engineering. I was wondering if i could interview an...
  20. L

    Automotive Senior Project Assistance: Motorcycle Control

    Hello All, A friend and I took on a senior project design that is certainly proving to be more difficult than anticipated. Here are the details: Design Challenge: Self Balancing Motorcycle Description: A picture of our prototype is attached. The motorcycle is remote controlled with...
  21. D

    Senior Project ideas and thesis help

    Hello I'm a senior at RHS in Hawaii and I need help in finding a senior project topic and thesis. I am extremely interested in physics and astronomy. Anything that has to do with the sky and beyond deeply interests me. However I do not know what to make a thesis out of those. I am in AP...
  22. J

    Senior Project Brain Storm Question

    Good day Physic Forum: I am a third year Electrical Engineering student at the University of Technology, Jamaica, where I specialize in Instrumentation and Control System. I have being in the process of brain storming ideas for my senior project from early as March of this year and up to this...
  23. S

    Looking for a undergrad senior project topic

    Hi all, I'm a graduating senior next semester and I need to choose my senior project topic by the end of May. The problem is that I have NO idea where to even start looking. Anyone have any ideas? I am interested in number theory, and some differential equations but NOT linear or abstract...
  24. M

    What Are Good Topics for a Senior Project in Structural Analysis?

    Hi everybody.. i shall start my senior project soon ... what I'm looking for now is the topic of the project .. I'm interested specifically in the structural analysis .. your ideas and advises are very welcomed
  25. A

    Help Finding RFID Reader & Interfacing for Senior Project

    Hello. I am getting ready to start my senior year in college for EET. I had to come up with a senior project, design, and fabricate it. I have an idea of what I want to do but need help understanding it and what product is suffecient for my idea and cost effective for a college student...
  26. D

    Constructing a mini grid for senior project

    Hey all, Well for my senior project my class has to construct a mini grid. It will be connected to 3 renewable energy sources. My team is in charge of the connections to the grid and the energy sources. My team has decided to use a PIC micro controller to interface to the other groups. I am...
  27. T

    Dark Matter as Senior Project?

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place to be posting this question, but since it is related to school I hope it will do. I am currently a senior in high school and I am required to write an 8-10 page paper on a topic of my choosing. The main requirement is that I must argue a point...
  28. K

    Highschool Senior Project Ideas

    Hi, I am having a hard time figuring out an idea I can use as my senior project in High School. I am currently in an Honors level physics class and the school year has just begun so we haven't learned much yet but. I am very interested in physics. So if anyone could help me with some ideas it...
  29. M

    Need Physics Senior Project ideas

    Problem: I have to do a required senior project for high school. My topic is the general physics behind deep space travel. (like humans traveling to other solar systems in reasonable time). I need to do a project on it but do not know what exactly to do. Please Give Me Ideas! Basically, I...
  30. T

    Monocycle/monowheel senior project

    Hello fellow engineers! I am a senior in high school and in love with everything science/math/engineering related. Starting within the next few weeks or so is the Senior project that everybody has to complete on any project of their choice. It's always been my dream to build a simple...
  31. A

    Exploring the Possibilities: Senior Project Ideas in Science and Technology

    In my university there is a senior project class in which the whole semester you try to engineer something to show off all of the knowledge you've gained thus far. In the past projects have been things such as online social networks, video games, underwater robotics, business software, etc...
  32. S

    CFD in Astrophysics, ideas for a senior project

    Hello everyone, I am an looking for a senior project for aerospace engineering. In my Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) course it came up that one of the many applications of CFD is astrophysics and the modeling of planet/star formation. Our professor suggested it to me as a...
  33. A

    How can I enhance my senior project idea for a robotics project?

    I must do a senior project this year and I have formulated an idea and I would like to know how I can manipulate the idea to make the project the best quality possible. Idea: I want to go to engineering school so I am going to purchase a vex robotics kit (well the school will at least)...
  34. maverick280857

    Deciding between 2 senior project areas - switching from EE to physics

    Deciding between 2 senior project areas -- switching from EE to physics Hi, I'm a final year EE undergrad who has taken senior level physics courses on quantum mechanics, electrodynamics, relativity and quantum field theory (next semester). I'm considering a switch to physics, and I'm...
  35. A

    Senior Physics/Comp Sci Project Ideas for Undergraduates

    I will be an undergraduate senior next year and I am a double major (physics, comp sci). For computer science I have to do a senior project. The only rules besides the obvious being that it has to expand what was taught in class. I want my project to implement physics principles and theory...
  36. M

    Ideas for a Senior Project in Photovoltaics

    Hello, I am trying to come up with a good senior project for my physics degree. I am really interested in PV and I have spent a lot of time researching the literature and whatnot but haven't been able to come up with an original idea for a project. My first idea was improving the efficiency of...
  37. S

    I on choosin a senior project for Electrical Eng emphasiz on communicatio

    Hey I ve been thinkin of my senior project. as long as my interest is communication, i will go with wireless stufss. I need your clues and ideas regarding nature of project and brainstorming
  38. P

    Disappointing situation + senior project ideas

    I'm finished with all my physics classes but QM and a senior project. I'd like to finish in the spring and possibly start grad school next fall, but I can't because my college is not offering QM again until next fall. The last time it was offered was fall 06. You can't do an indepedent study...
  39. L

    Is designing a machine to measure transfer functions a feasible senior project?

    I am taking a control class right now, which I find quite interesting. I had an idea for a senior project where I'd design and build a machine that allows one to hook up a motor and it will compute the torque/voltage transfer function or the angular speed/voltage transfer function of an...
  40. S

    Anyone Interested In Being a Senior Project Mentor?

    Senior Project Fun Hi all. I am somewhat new to PF. I have spent many hours reading lots of interesting threads and things. I am currently a senior in High School and we are required to do a senior project. Along with the project we are required to have a 'mentor' (basically someone who knows a...
  41. dduardo

    EE Senior Project: Designing a Wireless Project

    What type of electronics project did you design? What do you think would be a good project? Right now I'm leaning towards a wireless project.
  42. G

    Senior Project Ideas: Physics, Astronomy, Cosmology

    Does anyone have a good idea for a senior project to do involving physics or astronomy/cosmology, or possibly both? Any suggestions are much appreciated.