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Blackbody Field Conditioner (Audiophile Gear)

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    Only $1,323. Of course, they recommend multiple units to "maximize coverage and effectiveness."

    There is a lot of sciency stuff on their site and they have lots of other goodies to sell as well.
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    I find that blackbody conditioner works best if I apply lip balm first.
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    The magic bullet here is the price tag. Every "reall audiophile" knows stuff sounds better if you pay more money for it. :devil:
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    I tend to feel that anyone who falls for this kind of thing clearly has much too much money, and deserves to have some of it taken away from them. I just wish there was a way to make the distribution fairly, rather than having it all to to scam artists.

    On a physics note, it is of course true that everything is radiating. Unfortunately, that will include the blackbody conditioner itself.
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