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Bojowald on video (Perimeter talk 28 June)

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    select "seminar series" from the left hand sidebar menu

    Martin Bojowald's hour talk is currently at the top of the seminar series listing

    "quantum theory in cosmology" I havent seen it yet (I'm just about to)
    so can't say how it is

    interestingly, it is about the quantum gravity aspect of STRUCTURE FORMATION
    how quantum fluctuations got converted into real classical irregularities which then
    evolved by gravitational attraction to provide structures like galaxies etc.

    so he is moving beyond singularity removal and stuff right around big bounce and black hole bounce.
    this is a new thing for Bojowald AFAIK.
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    here are the abstracts of the two Bojowald talks


    June 28 2:00 pm:
    Quantum Theory in Cosmology

    "Not only general relativity but also quantum theory plays important roles in current cosmology. Quantum fluctuations of matter fields are supposed to have provided the initial seeds of all the structure of the current universe, and quantum gravity is assumed to have been essential in the earliest stages. Both issues are not fully understood, although several heuristic effects have been discussed. In this talk, implications of an effective framework taking into account the coupling of matter and gravity are discussed. This touches on interpretational issues of quantum mechanics, cosmological observations and properties of quantum gravity."

    June 29 1:30 pm:
    Loop quantum cosmology and inhomogeneities

    "Several different inhomogeneous models of loop quantum gravity have recently been investigated, which shed light on conceptual as well as phenomenological issues of quantum cosmology. The current picture of inhomogeneous degrees of freedom in midisuperspace models and in perturbative treatments will be reviewed, including an outline of possible observable effects.

    the one we have the video for is the first one---28 June
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