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Books on Astrophysics/Nucleosynthesis

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    Hello everyone

    this is my 1st post and it is to ask for some advice regarding books. I have taken an interest of late in the universe and so far have read the following books:

    - The Fabric of the Cosmos (Brian Greene)
    - The Big Bang (Simon Singh)
    - The Magic Furnace (Marcus Chown)
    - In Search of Schrodinger's Cat (John Gribbin)
    - Stardust (John Gribbin)
    - Cosmos (Carl Sagan)

    From reading these I have found that I am most interested in the Big Bang, the formation of the elements in stars and supernovae (nucleosynthesis) & the composition of planets. I was just wondering if anyone can recommend any other books on these topics that may be a bit more in depth than the ones listed.

    As a bit of background on my 'intellectual ability', I have a degree in Biochemistry (10 years ago) and have worked in the area doing research since graduating. I did A-level Chemistry, Physics & Maths, however, this was around 15 years ago and my strongest subject would be chemistry which I have used almost daily in the last 10 years for my job.
    I have seen a book called; Nucleosynthesis & Stellar Evolution but I am not sure if it would be too technical for me.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks in advance
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    A great book on the big bang is "The First Three Minutes" by Steve Weinberg.
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