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Books on quantum computing, qbits

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    please share the best clearest introductory books or articles (like from sci-am or discover magazine with colorful illustrations)) on quantum computing (or quantum computers) like how they are implemented in the hardware. I see thousands of examples of quantum entanglements in books, magazine but very short on quantum computing.. for example.. how does the qbit exactly factor numbers.. specifically how is this implemented in the hardware part, etc.
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    I think the best introduction and overview to quantum computation is: "Quantum Computation and Quantum Information" by Nielsen and Chuang. It contains a lot of stuff, well explained, from basic quantum mechanics up to quantum error correction. However, this book is some years old now and it doesn't cover what's new, and there's been quite a lot of development in some areas, in particular the experimental section is quite outdated now. As a thorough introduction to the concepts however, I still think it's the best, and I can recommend starting with it.
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