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Computing is any goal-oriented activity requiring, benefiting from, or creating computing machinery. It includes the study and experimentation of algorithmic processes and development of both hardware and software. It has scientific, engineering, mathematical, technological and social aspects. Major computing disciplines include computer engineering, computer science, cybersecurity, data science, information systems, information technology and software engineering.

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  1. bhobba

    Insights What is Digital Audio and How is it Created?

    [url="https://www.physicsforums.com/insights/digital-audio/"]Continue reading...
  2. Hill

    Comp Sci Quantum computing circuit for qubits equality

    This is the given circuit: I think to add another Cnot on the right with a1 as control and a0 as target, to set initial states of a0 an a1 both |0⟩, and to measure the a0. If a0=|0⟩ then b0=b1, and vice versa. Is it correct?
  3. Y

    Is CMD subset of Windows PowerShell?

    Hi I never learn CMD all these years. I am getting a little more into computer, PowerShell is completely new to me. I just want to get opinions from you experts whether I should learn PowerShell or just learn CMD. I read articles that CMD literally a subset of PowerShell. I am not that into...
  4. hagopbul

    The order of a video play list

    Hello all: As reviewing physics in my spare time , a scientific lecture series caught my eyes , by Dr. Steve brunton on his YouTube channel but had few questions Is the lecture series in correct order ? Second question what is the name of the book that he is using ? Best Regards H
  5. .Scott

    Making light of CsPbBr3 - precisely enough to be "unsplit"

    A perovskite, normally used for solar energy collection, may find an application in quantum computing. The article is article is published in Nature (with a paywall), It is also covered in SciTech Daily. This is not the first material that has been able to generate photons so precisely...
  6. A

    The Hacker Max Butler charges (several questions)

    Butler attended Boise State University for a year. In 1991, Butler was convicted of assault during his freshman year of college. His appeal was unsuccessful or procedural grounds, as a judge ruled that Butler's defense attorney did not raise the issue in an earlier appeal. The Idaho State...
  7. jaketodd

    I A hurdle in quantum computing I've never been able to figure out

    So the whole idea with quantum entangled computing, is that particles in superposition can compute more than one thing at the same time, right? But how does a system know which computed result is which? Maybe like a hashtag that separates one from another? But wouldn't that get jumbled, and...
  8. G

    Computing path integral with real and Grassmann variables

    The first step seems easy: computation of the $\theta$ and $\overline{\theta}$ integrals give $$Z[w] = \frac{1}{(2\pi)^{n/2}}\int d^n x \: \det(\partial_j w_i(x)) \exp{\left(-\frac{1}{2}w_i(x)w_i(x)\right)}.$$ From here, I tried using that $$\det(\partial_j w_i (x)) = \det\left(\partial_j w_i...
  9. A

    A About computing the tangent space at 1 of certain lie groups

    Hello :), I am wondering of the right and direct method to calculate the following tangent spaces at ##1##: ##T_ISL_n(R)##, ##T_IU(n)## and ##T_ISU(n)##. Definitions I know: Given a smooth curve ##γ : (− ,) → R^n## with ##γ(0) = x##, a tangent vector ##˙γ(0)## is a vector with components...
  10. Luizpo

    PTRAC File - MCNP - Multi-core computing

    Homework Statement:: PTRAC File - MCNP - Multi-core computing Relevant Equations:: No equations My name is Luiz. I am a postdoc at the institute of energy and nuclear research in São Paulo-Brazil. Our group models a cold neutron source (CNS) for the Brazilian multipurpose reactor project...
  11. WMDhamnekar

    Computing line integral using Stokes' theorem

    ##curl([x^2z, 3x , -y^3],[x,y,z]) =[-3y^2 ,x^2,3]## The unit normal vector to the surface ##z(x,y)=x^2+y^2## is ##n= \frac{-2xi -2yj +k}{\sqrt{1+4x^2 +4y^2}}## ##[-3y^2,x^2,3]\cdot n= \frac{-6x^2y +6xy^2}{\sqrt{1+4x^2 + 4y^2}}## Since ##\Sigma## can be parametrized as ##r(x,y) = xi + yj +(x^2...
  12. Llukis

    I Discover Beginner-Friendly Books on Quantum Information and Computation | Q&A

    Hello to everyone, I would like to ask you to brief questions. The first one is whether you could recommend any pedagogical books on Quantum Information and Computation. I tried Nielsen and Chuang but I found it too dense for a beginner in the field. The second question is the following: to...
  13. chwala

    A Computing the Minimal polynomial - Ring Theory

    Am going through this notes...kindly let me know if there is a mistake on highlighted part. I think it ought to be; ##α^2=5+2\sqrt{6}##
  14. kyphysics

    Computing for Dummies Q: What is difference between server and data center?

    I've been looking this up and don't seem to have a great understanding. Can someone confirm or correct that my understanding is accurate. Is a data center simply a large collection of individual servers? If not, how do they differ? Thanks.
  15. J

    The future of mobile computing forensics analysts

    Hi there! I am a student in my first semester of undergrad studies for computer science. The first assignment in my CSC class is to write a paper on the future of computer science, which can be broad or niche. My end goal is to get a job in mobile computing forensics analysis, so this is what I...
  16. Coelum

    A Computing Thomas Precession: Part 2 | Francesco

    Dear PFer's, I am reproducing the steps to derive the expression for the Thomas precession, as described in Goldstein/Poole/Safko "Classical Mechanics". Hereafter an excerpt from the book describing the step I am currently working on. Based on the text, the transformation S_3 -> S_1 should be...
  17. Coelum

    A Computing the Thomas Precession: Help from PFers Needed!

    Dear PFer's, I am reproducing the steps to derive the expression for the Thomas precession, as described in Goldstein/Poole/Safko "Classical Mechanics". Hereafter an excerpt from the book describing the step I am currently working on. I have been able to compute the matrix L'' (eqn. 7.18)...
  18. shahbaznihal

    A Computing the Fisher Matrix numerically

    Hi, I have been studying the Fisher matrix to apply in a project. I understand how to compute a fisher matrix when you have a simple model for example which is linear in the model parameters (in that case the derivatives of the model with respect to the parameters are independent of the...
  19. Bob Walance

    Insights Quantum Computing for Beginners

    revisions for the attached PDF: May 2023 - Rev4a – Some corrections, and a table of contents added.
  20. J

    Can a Computer Crack the Beale Ciphers?

    (Please excuse me if this is the wrong section to ask this question) With reference to 'The Code Book' by Simon Singh, will it be possible for a computer to crack the as yet still undeciphered first and third (alleged) ciphers of the famous Beale Ciphers? If so, how might this be achieved? Many...
  21. F

    Calculators Repositories of Quantum Computing projects?

    Hello. I need to code a project (solution of a typical problem or approaches to new one) of quantum computation and I want to study any solved project in order to understand the algorithms and how to run the script in a real quantum computer or simulator. Where can I found some repositories of...
  22. Admiralibr123

    Physics Quantum Computing masters with Theoretical physics background

    I want to do a masters related to quantum computing from a physics background and my criteria for the place is: 1. A quantum computing group with experimental realizations and industrial ties. 2. A strong theoretical physics department with research in fundamental physics 3. A good chance of...
  23. haider

    Engineering What are the best books for learning about analog computing?

    I'm not sure if this is the right sub-forum for this question but I've been reading online about solving differential equations with analog circuits for a while now and I wanted to get started by making my own circuits. So far I've found some DIY articles and cursory guides but I'd rather get...
  24. gremory

    A Computing Correlation functions

    Hello, recently I'm learning about correlation functions in the context of QFT. Correct me with I'm wrong but what i understand is that tha n-point correlation functions kinda of describe particles that are transitioning from a point in space-time to another by excitations on the field. So, what...
  25. T

    I want to learn about Quantum Computing

    I want to learn about Quantum Computing (QC). I am familiar with Quantum Mechanics. So far I have found two types of literature: (1.) Introductions to QC for the layman, and (2) Literature for people who are already knowledgeable about the field. Can someone recommend a mid-level source along...
  26. rstor

    I Keisler Elementary Calculus: computing standard parts of expressions

    In Keisler Elementary Calculus page 39, example 4 it shows how to compute the standard parts of the following expression: Example 4: If ##\epsilon## is infinitesimal but non zero, find the standard part of ##b=\frac {\epsilon} {5-\sqrt{25+ε}}## Before calculating the standard parts the...
  27. platypi

    Computing the infinitesimal generators for the Mobius transformation

    I don't know where to start. I understand that the constraint ##ad-bc=1## gives us one less parameter since ##d=1+bc/a##. So we can rewrite our original function. I know how to compute the generators of matrix groups but in this case the generators will be functions. I also know there should be...
  28. Tertius

    I Computing Volume in General Relativity: Use of Tensor & Friedmann Eqns

    When we compute the stress energy momentum tensor ## T_{\mu\nu} ##, it has units of energy density. If, therefore, we know the total energy ##E## of the system described by ## T_{\mu\nu} ##, can we compute the volume of the system from ## V = E/T_{00}##? If it holds, I would assume this would...
  29. jedishrfu

    How Effective is Credit Card Information Theft?

  30. D

    Other How much does a Cloud Computing position earn in Austria?

    How much does a Cloud Computing position earn in Austria in general? I need this answer for an interview in order to negotiate with the interviewers. I hold a PhD degree in Physics but with no experience in the field.
  31. T

    A Counting on a computing system

    It is plretty clear that a classical computer can't count over the set of natural numbers. If it is a digital device and you used an infinite loop you would eventually run out of memory space and have to reinterpret the meaning of the numbers (so it isn't really counting independently). An...
  32. A

    A Quantum computing with superconductors

    I have some questions to this Ansatz and I would really appreciate it if I can get some insight: 1. What is the current status of gate fidelity and what are the current struggles to improve it? 2. Same question but with coherence times. 3. What are the current issues with scalability? 4. Could...
  33. jorgeluisharo

    Vector calculus — Computing this Divergence

    I really don't know how to proceed if I'm not using an specific coordinate system, Is there a way of doing this using only indices, in general form?
  34. E

    Is quantum computing the key to achieving an AGI?

    Is advanced quantum computing the key to achieving the world's first true artificial general intelligence? The astronomical amount of computing power required for an AGI is currently not possible with classical computing.
  35. W

    Python Evolve Computing: Solve Nonlinear Singular DEs

    hi, i am working on Evolutionary computing, i have solved non-linear singular differential equation through genetic algorithm, but now i am interested to solve it through other techniques of EC as well, like genetic programming , evolutionary strategies, evolutioanry programming etc regards wasi
  36. Omega0

    Quantum computing: Not for all problems?

    Please note: I am really a beginner in this field. If I write nonsense just let me know, I just gather information. As far as I understood Quantum Computing is super fast but (this is basically my question) not suited to all kinds of engineering questions. As far as I know it should work best...
  37. Wannabe Physicist

    Computing Errors when Data Sets are Given

    This is for the lab report I have to submit. ##n## is the refractive index. ##L## is the length of a gas chamber and ##m## is the number of fringes passed as the pressure in the gas chamber changes by ##\Delta p##. We are already given the error in ##L##. I performed the experiment and obtained...
  38. WMDhamnekar

    MHB How is Radius of Curvature Computed for a Given Curve?

    How did the author compute the highlighted term 2 from the highlighted term 1 in the following answer to the given question? If $\rho =\frac{d\psi}{ds}$, then the term 2 should be $\upsilon^2 \frac{d\hat{T}}{d\psi}\rho$, but instead, it was written...
  39. llha

    I [Quantum Computing] Quantum Parallelism State Calculation

    Hi, I'm going through Nielsen and Chuang's Quantum Computation and Quantum Information textbook and I don't really understand this part about quantum parallelism: Shouldn't the resulting state be (1/sqrt(2^4)) * (|0, f(0)> + |0, f(1)> + |1, f(1)> + |1, f(0)>), since the resulting state would...
  40. stevendaryl

    A Computing Null Geodesics in Schwarzschild Geometry

    Computing timelike geodesics in the Schwarzschild geometry is pretty straightforward using conserved quantities. You can treat the problem as a variational problem with an effective Lagrangian of ##\mathcal{L} = \frac{1}{2} (Q \frac{dt}{d\tau}^2 - \frac{1}{Q} \frac{dr}{d\tau}^2 - r^2...
  41. snypehype46

    I Computing Ricci Tensor Coefficients w/ Tetrad Formalism

    I'm reading "Differentiable manifolds: A Theoretical Physics Approach" by Castillo and on page 170 of the book a calculation of the Ricci tensor coefficients for a metric is illustrated. In the book the starting point for this method is the equation given by: $$d\theta^i = \Gamma^i_{[jk]}...
  42. snypehype46

    Computing OPEs of linear dilaton CFT

    I'm trying to do the following question from David Tong's problem sheets on string theory: > A theory of a free scalar field has OPE $$\partial X(z)\partial X(w) = \frac{\alpha'}{2}\frac{1}{(z-w)^2}+...$$. Consider the putative candidate for the stress energy tensor $$T(z) = \frac{1}{\alpha '}...
  43. snypehype46

    Computing the spectrum of a Lagrangian in field theory

    I have the following lagrangian density: $$L = \bar{\psi}i \gamma^\mu \partial_\mu \psi - g\bar{\psi}(\sigma + i\gamma^5\pi)\psi + \frac{1}{2}(\partial_\mu \sigma)^2+ \frac{1}{2}(\partial_\mu \pi)^2 -V(\sigma^2 + \pi^2)$$ where $\pi$ and $\sigma$ are scalar fields. I have show that this...
  44. yucheng

    Computing a limit involving a square root: what is wrong?

    My attempt: \begin{align} \lim\limits_{n \to \infty} \sqrt{n^2 + n} - n &= n\sqrt{1+\frac{1}{n}} -n\\ &=n - n\\ &= 0\\ \end{align} I think the issue is at (1)-(2) For comparison, here is Rudin's solution
  45. F

    A Computing a variance in astrophysics context

    Below the error on photometric galaxy clustering under the form of covariance : $$ \Delta C_{i j}^{A B}(\ell)=\sqrt{\frac{2}{(2 \ell+1) f_{\mathrm{sky}} \Delta \ell}}\left[C_{i j}^{A B}(\ell)+N_{i j}^{A B}(\ell)\right] $$ where ##_{\text {sky }}## is the fraction of surveyed sky and ##A, B##...
  46. docnet

    Help computing the following integral

    Solution attempt: we make the substitution ##\frac{s}{2}=u## and ##ds=2du## to compute...