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Bottled and canned drinks.What's your preferred drinking method?

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    Do you like to drink straight from the bottle or the can or do you prefer to use a glass?Perhaps you have some other method.For me cold beer tastes much better if poured into a glass,not a plastic glass but a glass glass,which is ideally tall and thin.Some will say that's nonsense and that a beer drunk from a beer bottle made of glass must taste the same as that beer when drunk from a beer glass made of glass.Nonsense it may be but to me beer tastes better from a glass.I suspect that its something to do with the fact that like eating ,the enjoyment of drinking involves all of the senses.What a load of rubbish this is .It's making me thirsty.:tongue2:
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    Cans are easier to open.
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    I definitely enjoy beer in a glass glass, but for some reason, particularly in summer, I'm quite partial to a few cans - I guess I'm more likely to grab a few and head down the beach or a place where (a) glass would be impractical.
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    A cup.
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    I prefer something like these:

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    Straight from the tit.
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    Beer will have more of a taste from a glass than a bottle. Beer will open up like wine when air hits it. What the mechanism is, maybe oxidization, I dont know. A can will transfer some of that metal taste into the beer. Beer poured from a keg or a dark bottle will have the freshest taste. Light has some kind of negative effect on beer.

    I've been in the restaurant industry for 15 years, Went to booze school a few times.
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    I like to drink shots of vodka from old prescription bottles.
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