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Boundary Layer displacement thickness

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    Hey guys,

    The streamlines just outside a boundary layer are pushed away from the wall by the displacement thickness [tex]\delta[/tex]* and I understand that;


    Now this is for flow over a plate with length x=4m. At x=0 is the leading edge and at x=4 [tex]\delta[/tex] = [tex]\delta^{b}[/tex]

    Now been told to find the equation of the streamline i.e. y=y(x) that touches the boundary layer at x=4 (and y = [tex]\delta^{b}[/tex] I guess).

    I know I have to calculate the boundary layer displacement thickness...but I am unsure of how to do that and what I should do after that.
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    delta = delta ^ b is a mathematical inequality? Therefore if you rewrite the problem literally from your homework a bit more clearly I might be able to help you with this one.
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