What is Thickness: Definition and 345 Discussions

In the field of industrial ultrasonic testing, ultrasonic thickness measurement (UTM) is a method of performing non-destructive measurement (gauging) of the local thickness of a solid element (typically made of metal, if using ultrasound testing for industrial purposes) based on the time taken by the ultrasound wave to return to the surface. This type of measurement is typically performed with an ultrasonic thickness gauge.
Ultrasonic waves have been observed to travel through metals at a constant speed characteristic to a given alloy with minor variations due to other factors like temperature. Thus, given this information, called celerity, one can calculate the length of the path traversed by the wave using this formula:






{\displaystyle l_{m}=ct/2}




{\displaystyle l_{m}}
is the thickness of the sample


{\displaystyle c}
is the velocity of sound in the given sample


{\displaystyle t}
is the traverse time
The formula features division by two because usually the instrumentation emits and records the ultrasound wave on the same side of the sample using the fact that it is reflected on the boundary of the element. Thus, the time corresponds to traversing the sample twice.
The wave is usually emitted by a piezoelectric cell or EMAT sensor that is built into the measurement sensor head and the same sensor is used to record the reflected wave. The sound wave has a spherical pattern of propagation and will undergo different phenomena like multipath reflection or diffraction. The measurement does not need to be affected by these since the first recorded return will normally be the head of the emitted wave traveling at the shortest distance which is equivalent to the thickness of the sample. All other returns can be discarded or might be processed using more complicated strategies.

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  1. P

    A How much thickness for sphere to withstand atmospheric pressure?

    Imagine a hollow sphere made of a material with high elasticity constant(e.g. steel). How much thickness should it have to prevent it from crushing when the air inside is pumped out? Is it valid to use Lame solution to quantify the answer? What about Finite Element Analysis?
  2. emilmammadzada

    Books on the Thickness and Material of Space Suits

    Dear Experts, are there any books available that discuss the thickness and material of space suits?
  3. lforster02

    Calculating theoretical thickness while anodising aluminium oxide

    I am trying to calculate the theoretical thickness of an anodised coating. I know all values apart from I am unsure whether to use 2e or 6e for the amount of electrons. Anode reaction as follows: 2OH = H2O + O + 2e the aluminium reactions preferentially with the one O atom, using equation: 3O...
  4. L

    Pressure vessel wall thickness ASME BPVC VIII vs AS1210

    The ASME BPVC formula is t=PR/(SE-0.6P) where P = pressure , R = inside radius, S = allowed material design stress and E = joint efficiency factor. the AS1210 formula ,(equivalent nomenclature) is t=PR/(SE-P). This makes 1210 more conservative when using the inside radius . I suspect the pure...
  5. C

    Calculating Electric Potential for a Non-Negligible Thickness Toroid

    For A.1 of this problem, The solution is However, I have a doubt about the linear charge density ##\lambda##. I don't understand how ##\lambda = \frac {q}{2\pi R} ## since this is not a thin ring, but has a non-negligible width of ##2a## I think that the toroid has a larger area than thin...
  6. C

    How does soap water membrane thickness affect surface tension?

    1.If the thickness of soap water surface decrease, whereas the concentration remain the same, how will the surface tension change? 2. If the membrane of soap water start to evaporate, its thickness become thinner and it’s concentration increase, How will the surface tension change? Thank you!
  7. S

    Thickness of normal shock zone (e.g. in nozzle)

    Under certain conditions, a supersonic flow in a nozzle will result in a "normal shock", an abrupt change in pressure and velocity. In the videos I've looked at, they draw the P and v graphs with a vertical step at that point. But in practice, I assume there will be a non-zero transition zone...
  8. Strato Incendus

    Wall thickness of ring habitats for radiation shielding

    This is a topic that will be relevant for anyone who plans to use "realistic" artificial gravity (of the centrifugal kind, rather than the "acceleration-based" kind) in their stories - be it on spaceships or space stations: How much of the ring walls has to be dedicated to radiation shielding...
  9. U

    Engineering Why was the thickness of the beam included in calculating this moment?

    Hi all, Why was the thickness of the beam considered when moment was being calculated and why was the horizontal component of the 600 N force used in calculating the moment? That part is unclear to me. Please explain it. Am I looking for the logic behind using the horizontal comp. and the...
  10. S

    Is a 2 ply cylinder as strong as a 1 ply twice the thickness?

    If you want to make a cylinder of for example 4 mm thick steel but you just have 2 mm sheet available to roll into a cylinder and weld it. If you then roll 2 cylinders with 2 mm wall thickness and make sure one is the right size for a interference fit over the other and then heat the larger one...
  11. gggnano

    Can I get any macro object of very small thickness such as 10 nm?

    I know graphene particles are small but how do I work with them separately? If you tell me easy-to-accomplish way for handling a single grain of graphene at home...OK. I was thinking about something like a very thin sheet of graphene, but in quantum measurements they are huge: micrometers and I...
  12. L

    A problem involving thin film interference

    I know that every time that light goes from traveling through a medium with lower refractive index to one with a higher refractive index the reflected light undergoes a ##\frac{\lambda}{2}## phase change. Since this happens both at the air-plate and plate-glass interfaces we have that the phase...
  13. D

    I Sound Frequency & Pipe Wall Thickness

    We have 2 open metal tubes, made of Stainless Steel. They both are the same length of 1 metre, and and Outer Diameter of 76mm. One pipe has a wall thickness of 1.5mm, and the other has a wall thickness of 2.0mm. It was our reasonable guess that the tube with 2.0mm wall thickness, should...
  14. nuclearsneke

    I Uncertainty in measurements of the thickness of a pile of pellets

    Howdie! We have been playing around with melting and molding HDPE pellets recently. After that, we measured their diameter and thickiness 5 times each to get an uncertainty. In our experiments we put one pellet between gamma-source and detector and measure its attenuation. After that we place...
  15. Tech_Rizzle

    I Amount of Noise extinction in Acrylic glass per thickness in mm

    Hey guys, I need your help with the following topic on which I couldn't find sufficient information on the internet to solve. In the need to further insulate my velux roof swing window against against airborne motor and tire sound from the nearby street, I came across the idea to install an...
  16. qnach

    Automotive Measuring wood plate thickness

    I have access to only one side of the plate, i.e. cannot clamp both sides of the plate to measure. Is there any way, perhaps acoustic methods, to measure a plate thickness from only one side?
  17. G

    Pressure vessel thickness U.S. measurement

    Hi everyone, In purpose to estimate the corrosion degredation in pressure vessels it is recommended to measure the pressure vessel thickness using an U.S. device. My question is how to determine the number of test points on the shell/caps surface as a function of the pressure vessel size...
  18. A

    I How does the raster scan frequency affect the accuracy of a CRT TV picture?

    I couldn't find any information on this but I do wonder, what was the average CRT raster scan line thickness in terms of pixels illuminated in each full scan from left to right? Did the electron beam illuminate a line that is just a single pixel width on each pass or did it hit multiple pixel...
  19. WhiteWolf98

    Calculating Discharge Rate of Fluid in Circular Area

    This is actually right at the start of another derivation, but I can't understand how the author gets the formula for ##q##. So the discharge per unit thickness is the circumference of the circle, multiplied by the velocity at that point (at ##r##)? I thought the formula for flow rate was...
  20. O

    I Thickness of dark wet spots on drying dishes

    A common observation when doing the dishes is that the wet spots on a drying dish are darker than the dry spots, especially if the dish is held in such a way that it reflects the light of the sky. Evidently the total reflection coefficient is reduced by the water film. The border between dark...
  21. R

    Plate thickness and bolt size to support a heavy weight

    Homework Statement:: If you have a 1" thick steel plate (A36) with a 1.125 hole (supported at 3" half way around), what is the maximum weight that a 1" grade 8 bolt can support using a 2 to 1 safety factor. The weight is applied directly the the bolt Relevant Equations:: dunno? it's been 24...
  22. E

    Gauss' law for a physical capacitor with finite thickness plates

    In derivations of capacitance it is standard to consider two oppositely charged, infinitely thin sheets. If we construct a Gaussian cylinder across one sheet, we obtain ##E_{1} = \frac{\sigma}{2\epsilon_{0}}## for one sheet, and then we can superpose this field with that from the other at an...
  23. K

    Polarization of light -- Determine the thickness of the crystal

    I don't even know where to start with this problem. What kind of slit makes linearly polarized light circularly polarized? The correct answer is d = lambda/(4(n1 - n2)) = 856nm. But how do I get there? Thanks in beforehand!
  24. Ozen

    Does the Thickness Affect a Semi-Mirror Spherical Lens' Characteristics?

    Hello, I am trying to get a better understanding of optical lens's and came across a question I have not found an answer to. Say you have a lens made of either Polycarbonate or Trivex, and it is a spherical lens. A coating is applied to the side with the smaller radius to reflect certain light...
  25. G

    What is the thickness of a steel bar with holes?

    I’m trying to calculate the thickness of a steel bar with holes. It’s hard to describe so here’s a picture Imgur: The magic of the Internet (the white circles are 10mm holes and the dark grey area are 2mm steel wallthickness). If the holes would be horizontal inline to each other with 2mm...
  26. J

    Finding the thickness of graphite in a circuit

    Summary: I have tried everything to understand this but I cant. Please help me. In class, I "drew a circuit" with a pencil. When the LED was moderately bright about 9mA was flowing and so (since I was using a 9V battery), the resistance was about 1 kΩΩ. At this point, the distance 𝐿L between...
  27. wirefree

    Flux & Surface thickness

    I greatly appreciate this opportunity to submit a question. Is the thickness of a surface of any relevance while estimating the flux through it, as is mentioned in the following? Thankful for any advice.wirefree
  28. T

    Subsea Pressure Housing Design – Wall Thickness for Stress & Buckling

    I’m designing a subsea sensor that will go to a max depth of 600 m (6 MPa/60 bar). In a simple model, it will be made of a pressure housing cylinder and two end caps, all grade 5 titanium. Some geometry is attached. I’m looking for advice on how to calculate the thickness of the...
  29. M

    Thickness of normal and tempered glass for aquarium

    Summary: Calculations of glass thickness for aquarium 140cm (length), 55cm (width) and 80cm (height). Scenarios for normal glass and tempered glass. Hi everyone ! I want to ask you for help to calculate how thick (minimum version and save version) should be a glass for aquarium with sizes...
  30. P

    How to calculate the thickness of a wall of a dewar?

    Hello, i am trying to design a dewar for experiments at very low temperature. Unfortunately i do not know how to calculate the wall thickness. I can calculate the heat flow through the wall, but i do not know what to do further. Do someone know how to calcualte the thickness of the wall for a...
  31. S

    Magnetic field of plane with thickness d with uniform surface current

    I'm confused what's meant by a uniform surface current density since this plane has a thickness, It would need a current density distributed through its cross sections, I thought.Edit: I tried solving with proper LaTeX and all my steps, but it looked awful. For outside, I got B=µ_0jd/2. for...
  32. Plat

    Calculate the thickness of a plate to withstand a specified uniform pressure

    In exploring the feasibility of constructing a vacuum chamber, I am trying to calculate the thickness of rectangular polycarbonate sheet needed to withstand 100kPa of pressure, given dimensions of 30.5cm by 61cm (12 by 24 inches) and clamped edges. I have found some calculators that will tell...
  33. G

    Solving for Thickness of Lead to Reduce Count Rate to 50

    Homework Statement The count-rate from a gamma source is measured to be 1000 counts per minute. When 1.0 cm of lead is placed between the source and the detector, the count rate is reduced to 100 counts per minute. What additional thickness of lead would have reduced the count-rate to 50 counts...
  34. DariusP

    Varying thickness diffraction grating

    I know that a plane wave going through a slit becomes a spherical wave because of a Huygens-Fresnel principle. Can someone explain to me why a plane wave splits into many plane waves with different directions when going through a plate with varying thickness? Can someone explain me this image?
  35. A

    Solving Exercise: Find Thickness of Rubber Insulation for Copper Wire

    Good day all, I tried to solve the following exercise, I would be glad to get feedback for my attempt ( indeed I was puzzled by the numerical solution I got just need to check it for any mistake: A copper wire , 2mm in diameter and 100 m in length has an electrical resistance of 0,5 mΩ/m, the...
  36. Penguin98

    The thickness of glass and the longest wavelength

    Homework Statement In your research lab, a very thin, flat piece of glass with refractive index 2.00 and uniform thickness covers the opening of a chamber that holds a gas sample. The refractive indexes of the gases on either side of the glass are very close to unity. To determine the thickness...
  37. PlasMav

    Absorbtivity thickness conversion

    Hello, I'm working on a lab report centered on Beta decay and I am confused how absorber thickness is obtained. We used varying thickness aluminum plates spaced 2cm from a Sr-90 source taking measurements with an ST350 counter/GM tube/software. By my understanding the absorber thickness [g or...
  38. M

    Thickness from Moment of Inertia

    Hi guys... I am creating a parametric spreadsheet to predict the behaviour of a sign post when subject to a specified wind speed for a uni assignment . Currently half way through creating the spreadsheet and one of the questions requires me to calculate a wall thickness of the pipe using the...
  39. L

    Thickness of oxide in MOS using capacitance-voltage?

    Hello, I am looking to use capacitance and voltage calculations to calculate the thickness of a thin oxide of a MOS capacitor. Here is what I think I should do: 1. grow poly on oxide on silicon 2. hook up substrate to ground and poly to a potential using a voltage source. 3. Use an LCR meter to...
  40. S

    Pressure test containment wall thickness

    Hi If I know the velocity, mass and diameter of a missile from a failed pressure test how can I calculate the minimum thickness of a containment sheet steel wall say 1 meter away?
  41. chrisritson

    Help Determining the Minimum Thickness of a Vacuum Chamber Lid

    Hello. I am attempting to build a large vacuum chamber for woodworking (used to infuse wood with resin/stabilizer). I would like to use a cast iron bathtub, similar to the one pictured as the vessel. I would ideally like to use a clear acrylic lid (with a rubber gasket) like the one on my...
  42. HappyBlue

    Mirror: refractive index and thickness

    Homework Statement Hello everyone ! I hope this is the correct place to ask. Here is my probem: I have to measure the refractive index and the thickness of the glass part of a mirror. The idea that I have, and that has been approved by my teachers, is the following: In order to measure the...
  43. T

    Thermal Resistance between Chip to Gold Tin Solder

    I'm currently doing a heat sink calculation design and having a little confused moment with the area of the chip with a AuSn (Gold Tin Solder) pre-cut that's attached to the bottom of the chip. I've tried looking around online for AuSn's thermal resistance value, but there is none besides a...
  44. Buzz Bloom

    Sedentary behavior & reduced medial temporal lobe thickness

    My wife keeps telling me that I need to avoid sitting at the computer so much. She sent me the following link. http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0195549 I confess that I don't find the data presented in the article very convincing, and I would appreciate comments...
  45. S

    I What is the thickness of the atmosphere?

    I was thinking of a Fermi-question: the thickness of atmosphere with diffusive equilibrium. And I estimated roughly 10^{5}m (where it should be ~10^{4}m). The difference of order of magnitude to real thickness is 1 (from Wiki). I had a lot of fun, and I am looking for interesting ways other...
  46. T

    Wall thickness vs frequency.... sound isolation

    When sound hits a wall,part of it gets reflected and part of it gets transmitted due to acoustic impedance difference between solid and air. My problem,and point of this question is that having material or gas impedance number is completely useless unless we know the frequency and wall...
  47. Perodamh

    Relationship between thickness, width and length

    1.A rectangular steelbar of length subjected to tensile force of 80kN. Calculate the change in length if the width and thickness are (40 & 25)mm respectively. (E = 207 GN/m2). Homework Equations E= stress/strain stress = F/A; F =80kN strain = dL/L 3. I just want to know what to use for the...
  48. G

    Boundary layer thickness in partial air vacuum

    How does low ambient pressure effect on the thickness of the boundary layer for given flow conditions of gas? In absolute vacuum the thickness of the boundary layer is 0 of course, but it seems that all the boundary layer thickness correlations use the Reynolds number, which doesn’t change much...
  49. J

    Thickness of supporting ceilng required

    A false ceiling made of PVC is fixed around the edges. The ceiling has several point loads distributed on it. Given the ceiling dimensions, yield strength of PVC and the weights and locations of the loads, how do I calculate the required thickness of the ceiling to prevent it deforming...