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Boundary Value Problem + Green's Function

  1. May 30, 2010 #1
    Consider the BVP

    y''+4y=f(x) (0[tex]\leq[/tex]x[tex]\leq[/tex]1)
    y(0)=0 y'(1)=0

    Find the Green's function (two-sided) for this problem.

    Working: So firstly, I let y(x)=Asin2x+Bcos2x

    Then using the boundary conditions,

    Asin(2.0)+Bcos(2.0)=0 => B=0

    y'(0)=2A=0 => A=0

    But is this right? How can I derive a Green's function (two-sided) from this? Please help.
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    Please ignore. I figured out what I did wrong.
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