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Bovine Serum Albumin and Varous Ions

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    I'm dying here! I've looked on pubmed, crc handbooks, bcem texts and google.

    I need to know how much of various ions Na, Cl, Ca, Mg etc. get bound to albumin in a Krebs solution at 37 celcius, pH 7.4, and 3mg/dL albumin.

    I managed to track down a number and do my own test for Ca but the others are proving to be much more difficult.

    Any help would be infinitely appreciated.


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    Well, it looks like you've tried all my likely sources. Have you tried contacting the technical support of the manufacturer supplying your BSA? Sometimes they have these types of things on-hand as references for manufacturing or QC purposes. For this particular question, it might be a long-shot, but always worth a try.


    I don't know if this one will help (I haven't read the article, just the abstract), but just in case it offers relevant references, I thought I'd toss it out for you:
    If that's something closer than you found on your own, I searched PubMed using the keywords: ion-binding to albumin. Sometimes you just have to find the right combination of keywords to get that to pull up what you need.
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