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Brainstorming - New category of awards?

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    I thought I saw a post or message or something somewhere recently saying that nominations for awards in 2010 were open.

    Now I can't find it, did I imagine it?

    Anyway I was wondering this. AFAIK these awards do not cost the site anything, are just a recognition to helpers etc.

    So what about an award to the users? The students? For the best question. Maybe for each subfield. 'Best' being the most thought-provoking or instructive, leading to the most interesting discussion or things the helpers hadn't quite realised? Sure the student may have no merit and may have hit on something by chance, but what does that matter? - scientific discovery can be like that too. Receiving a surprise award they didn't know about could be an encouragement for some.

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    Thank you, I had missed that.

    There are not very many threads that measure up to Astronuc's criteria unfortunately. There are some with a good start and middle but no end. When they say ah thank you, I see it now! - you wonder what they have seen. Since they will usually have to write it up for an assignment etc. I wonder (have said before) if they should be encouraged in the guidelines to give their solutions here because there will often enough be more to be said, and anyway it is a bit of a let-down for the thing not to be concluded here. I don't think we want any thanks but to know whether we too have done the job.
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