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Brian Cox video Discusses Cosmology and CERN supercollider

  1. May 8, 2013 #1
    This is quite an entertaining 15 minute video that provides a high level discussion for a general public audience.

    [A physics teacher and childhood friend uses the video in her advanced placement HS physics classes in New York. Her students are one group of US kids that I know get a good science grounding.]

    Cox even gets a zinger in about New Zealanders [which I did not understand] and also a zinger about Margret Thatcher [which I understand and do not find appropriate].

    Brian Cox: CERN's supercollider

    I did have one question: Cox says the shape of DNA can be gleaned from the Standard Model of particle physics mathematics....What's that mean??

    If I had a criticism, and it's minor, it would be that he does not mention a dynamic ['empty'] expanding spacetime produces early particles...
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