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Brits will get a kick out of this

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    You know how a word can mean two different things in America and Great Britain?

    Would any of you Brits go to a gym called [noparse]http://www.spunkfitness.com/[/noparse][/U] [Broken] ?

    (Disclaimer: I am not advertising or endorsing this gym. It gets terrible reviews on Yelp, I'm just pointing out the humorous name)
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    I've heard Americans use that word in a slang way too.
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    If I was trying to get my wife pregnant I might try it, the exercise routines should be interesting.
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    oh dear..
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    We Canucks are about half-way between UK and US in our language and our taste in humour. While the link doesn't work for me, I just about snorted my Scotch when I read the title of it. I can only assume that it's a gay establishment.
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    This link is not a link, so it is not working.
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    Ah... well, then, that explains it.

    edit: I just thought of a very disturbing new take on a classic Mary Tyler Moore Show episode...
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