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Homework Help: Building a Cheap Faraday Cage in Bedroom

  1. Dec 21, 2008 #1
    1. Suffer extreme symptoms from Microwave RF emissions cell phones, Wi FI, Cordless computers and RF Routers.

    2. The next door neighbour has installed a Uniden DECT that transmits continually 24 hours a day. Our bedroom and the next door neighbours loungeroom is separated by a normal brick wall. The DECT base station is approximately 2 1/2 metres from the wall. Since the installation of the DECT my health has declined, suffering extreme headaches, migraines, eye and neck pain, exhaustion, sleepless nights, daytime sleepiness, and Tinnitus.

    3. Have contacted necessary departments in regards to the dangers that I am experiencing, and because of the lack of law and unfounded proof, there is nothing I can do but suffer the extremities of the emissions from the DECT base and phone.

    It was suggested to attach some small chicken wire mesh over the bedroom wall behind bedhead.

    Has anyone any solution to this problem and how to put a barrier up between my bedroom and the next door neighbour's DECT base station and phone continuous emissions?
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    I don't think you mean a Faraday cage. That works only for static fields.
    See: http://www.mos.org/sln/toe/skineffect.html

    This may be a little off-topic, but if it's your neighbour who installed the device then perhaps the easiest way out (though there's no physics and hence no fun involved) would be to talk to them and see if you can work out a compromise.
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    Hi Defennder,

    Thanks for your reply. But, I have tried to convince our next door neighbour of the dangers of DECT, and as sad as it is, they have no compassion, commonsense, or understanding of the dangers of DECT and my health problems. They could not understand that the phone is transmitting all the time, and because they don't suffer the illness that I do, then it's harmless.

    I tried to get them to be reasonable to change to another cordless phone that only transmits when being used. I even offered to compensate. But, all fell on deaf ears, they are not interested, because this DECT phone they are using has pretty lights, and a multitude of functions that they would NEVER use. A simple exchange would solve the problem. They wouldn't even consider to site the base station in another room away from near our dividing wall.

    All commonsense was thrown out of the window. They suggested that I sell my unit and move out because they have installed a $200 phone into their unit.

    I was speaking to a person in a government office, and they suggested that if use chicken wire over the complete wall that separates our unit that it should shield me from the RF when sleeping.

    Any idea if that would solve the problem, as I don't want to cause a war with our next door neighbours.
  5. Oct 4, 2010 #4
    I have exactly the same problem except i have two adjoining owners blasting away with this man made high radio frequency radiation
    On one side is a retired elderly couple they are hadly ever home because they are elderly have ill health and so they stay at their childrens place most of time but their Dect phone transmits High Radio Frequency microwave radiation continuously
    on the other side its young children but the family has gone completely berserk
    Wireless everything
    mouse keyboard GPS
    Dect phones
    wireless baby monitors
    AV sender
    Wireless DVd player

    and although a long way from airport we are directly under flight path of planes so its continuous radar radiation
    I would be most grateful if someone can give us some ideas on how to build bedroom Faraday cage
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