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Wi Fi Madness and How Safe Is Safe

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    I am not a rocket scientist, but an elderly male living in a retirement village whose health has deteriorated since the installation of a Wi Fi emergency call system (ECS) in 2007; and health has deteriorated further since the installation of smart metres on our mains power boards six months ago.

    The electro magnetic radiation is extreme within the confines of my home.

    I purchased a RF Detector and a Tri-field metre.

    As I walk around my house with RF detector it registers Wi Fi emissions in my home and when I place the detector close to the walls and ceilings the metre goes berserk, particularly near lighting and power wiring behind the walls. The lower “level 1” is a steady reading at table level height, as you raise the detector to head height and walk around my home “level 2” begins to blink like anything, and when raised above head toward ceiling it beings to blink “red”, which is “level 3” that indicates strong Wi Fi emissions.

    As I walk around with the Trifield metre reading “magnetic”, it registers a pulsating milli gauss reading of varying readings of 0.6; as I get closer to the ceiling and some walls the reading is 1.5 to 2; other walls are 5 and 10 to 15.

    As I walk around with the Trifield metre reading “electric”, it registers a pulsating “volts/metre” reading that varies throughout my home. At head height it’s 50; over doorways 350 to 500, and 1000. Held above head near ceiling it varies from 20 to 100.

    I believe that the Wi Fi radiation is being fed into the wiring of my home, and being used as a transmitting antenna and amplifying the radiation. I believe that these homes in the retirement village are of poor electrical engineering standards, and is causing not just Wi Fi radiation, but all other emissions from next door neighbours DECT phone and wireless communications equipment.

    This has only got worse since the installation of the Wi Fi ECS and the smart metres.

    Have you any reasonable, technical suggestion, as I have had four electrician in and they have no idea how to overcome these strange and creepy emissions in my house. My illness has become extreme.

    I became aware that the Wi FI ECS was the causation factor, because they ECS was accidentally turned “OFF” for three days, and I experienced complete peace, and no suffering, and I had no idea why it was so, until it was turned back “ON”!
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    I'm sorry, but there is no evidence linking RF radiation to any health problems. Your health problems are almost certainly unrelated to the electrical systems/wifi systems in your house.
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    I am sorry, but there are stacks of evidence linking EMR to health problems. I can assure you that my health problems are most certainly related to the electrical and Wi Fi emissions inside and outside of my house.

    The sad thing is that I am asking for help, and sadly most people who are employed in the electrical and electronic field label those who suffer from electro magnetic radiation through cordless phones, DECT phones, Wi Fi, and all other wireless home communications equipment as delusional and paranoid; and they don’t take time to read the “science”, which is available and largely being ignored by the main stream workers.

    The evidence of EMR sickness dates back decades. Russian scientists made it known to the world of “Microwave Sickness” when they wrote one such article in the 1970s. Here are a few more below, for your perusal. Read this information and you might see that light is light and dark is dark, but the facts are still there of those who suffer this sickness.

    I remember sixty years ago they said that DDT wouldn't harm you, then fifty years ago they said that asbestos wouldn't harm you, then forty years ago they said that Dieldrin was harmless, and then thirty years ago they said that cigarette smoking was harmless. Sadly, the producers of such were the ones that said there was no evidence to the death of the millions of people who had died from these things. Interesting!

    This site has been set up by some UK scientists:

    This site has many scientific papers:
    http://www.hese-project.org/hese-uk/...content_type=R [Broken]

    Two good Meta analyses by independent scientists are:
    http://www.hese-project.org/hese-uk/.../ecologsum.php [Broken]


    http://www.bioinitiative.org/press_release/index.htm [Broken]

    I have a situation where there is a piggyback environment through the wiring of my home that shows abnormal readings, and the other units nearby my home don't have the reading that I suffer with. The house wiring is part of the problem.

    As sad as it is, most experts try and show they are safe, by considering all the mechanisms that might cause damage and calculate that the power is too low, yet there might be an unknown physiological effects that perhaps a small amount of heating in a certain tissue can do more damage than the experts expect, as in the case of many sufferers.

    I explained my circumstances, and your statement hasn't helped my concern.

    Thank you for your comment!
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    From your description i'm almost positive that you're just picking up EMF from the wiring of your house and not from wi-fi as such. Your power comes in at 50/60 Hz AC which emits low levels of electromagnetic waves.

    Magnetic fields are completely safe. MRI scanners typically have a strength of 1 Tesla ~ 10 000 Gauss and have documented no ill health effects.
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    You are right in thinking that there is a mismatch between official policies and the personal experience of some individuals vis a vis the safety of EM radiation and electrostatic effects.

    Unfortunately the current situation is that the only known counter action is to move to another location free from these radiations.
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    Are there a lot of fluorescent lights in the apartment?

    Some people are sensetive to HF known as electrical sensitivity (ES) or electrohypersensitivity (EHS). There are propably many sources to this radiation but i have the understanding that most people are sensitive to fluorescent lighting fixtures.

    You can try only using filament or halogen lamps for a while and see if you feel any better. (without a dimmer)

    As for Wi-Fi they dont transmit continuously, at least they dont have to. But there is a propability that this is the cause.

    Other thing possible are HF transients in electrical wiring, due to electronic equipment. ("dirty current")

    Good luck in your search, hope you feel better soon.
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    Yes, in my country, Safety Regulator made magnetic fields safe by raising the level from 100 milli gauss to 1,000 milli gauss.

    Yes, the ELF from the wiring is so, but my RF detector goes higher than normal ELF. It picks up from 300mhz to 6.8ghz.

    I turn the power and lighting off and I still get registering on my RF detector, but as soon as I turn the power and lighting back on again, the readings goes higher.

    My next door neighbour has their refrigerator against the adjoining wall, and each time their refrigerator turns "ON" the reading at the wall is 100 milli gauss and my ears begin to ring, I get a migraine, tingling sensation on the scalp, and a migraine.

    My symptoms are extreme, and they have got worse ever since the power company installed "smart metres" in the mains power box, which is a Wi Fi transmitter. The "smart metre" is causing problems all around the world.

    Thanks for you comment.
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    Thanks mate for your encouragement, but I have looked into that and have gone out in the sticks to see if I can get away from it all, but sad to say, all the country towns are connected to Wi Fi communications to save the cost of maintaining cable. Every town has "smart metres" connected to each home. There is nowhere where I can hide and to get away from it all.

    People just don't realise that there are millions of sufferers suffering in silence, and not know why they are suffering. They go to the doctors and they label the person suffering from anxiety or suffering old age.
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    You have hit the nail on the head mate. But, it’s not some people are sensitive, it’s at least 5% of most populations are.

    The sources of electro magnetic radiation that I suffer from are well known, and well described and covered on the Internet. I know exactly what is causing my problem, but I am trying to get an answer from any one who is an electrical engineer how to filter my incoming electrical wiring from these outside source that is being piggybacked in on probably the earth wiring.

    I’ve sorted out all the light bulb problems, and I have shielded one room with special paint.

    Yes dirty power is the problem and I have tried out these so-called power filters and when I tested the power points they were emitting 10-milli gauss and as soon as I put the filter on the power point it would rise up the 35-milli gauss.

    Wi Fi does transmit continuously, on a pulse generated signal, and the three Wi Fi transmitters that are part of our emergency call system and now the Wi Fi transmitters of the “smart metres” are beyond any respectability by the complex owner and the local power company.

    Thanks for your comments. If only I can get them to turn these Wi Fi transmitters off, I can assure you that I will be better.
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    A lot of people report symptoms similar to my symptoms, and this was confirmed by Chiyoji Ohkubo of the EMF-radiation project of the World Health Organisation (WHO). Though the WHO confirms the problem is serious, but the other EMF-project organisations who support electronic companies will produce a statement totally denying the existence of “radiation sickness”. For an example a working group of five people in Prague, 2004 made out a report, and it reads like a political manifesto, to hush up the epidemic and leave the patients behind without any care.

    Symptoms of electro magnetic radiation (EMR) sickness are for example: sleep disturbances; dizziness; heart palpitations; headache; blurry sight; swelling; nausea; a burning skin, vibrations, electrical currents in the body, pressure on the breast, cramps, high blood pressure and a general unwell-being.

    According to many testimonies of victims the symptoms appear in the vicinity of sources of EMR, like GSM and 3G (UMTS) antennas, cellphones, DECT wireless telephones and WIFI wireless networks

    Many radiation measurements that I have taken during the transmissions of the “smart metres” have shown that the radiation density had increased. I’ve found out the relationship with the radiation, when I stay away for a while elsewhere, where the symptoms diminish; and when the Wi Fi emergency call systems and “smart metres” are not transmitting. But, when I return return home the symptoms immediately appear again; and when the transmitters become active.

    I can’t move to another area, because it will be same there, I am researching the “Faraday Cage” prinicple of a fine wire mesh.

    I read one documented case that a canary bird did not sing anymore, and lost his feathers. The bird cage was approximately fifty metres distance from a GSM-antenna. His owner had put a Faraday cage of fine wire mesh around the cage, shielding against part of the radiation, the bird started singing again and did not pick his skin anymore.

    The symptoms are real and not imaginative; and that statement is confirmed by the co-ordinator of the EMF-radiation project, Michael Repacholi. He says, he has met many people who suffer from radiation sickness and electrical hypersensitivity. He wrote: “I know how much it affects people and that the symptoms are real”. But the other EMF-project refuses to comment the many thrustworthy and verifiable testimonies. Repacholi says it is his responsibility, to tell the public that the problems do not exist, since science can not find “electrosensitivity” in people.

    Of course not, it can’t be found in human beings, because they have no metre on their body to sense the electro magnetic radiation of the relevant frequencies, but they know when it’s happening, because of their symptoms.

    As in my case, the “smart metres” turn “ON” at 7AM and 7 PM every three days, on my home and the home over the road from me turns “ON” at 3AM and 3PM every three days.
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    Do a double blind experiment and publish the results if you are so sure that this is the cause.

    If there is any health problem with wireless then it is over a long term. You are describing it as extremely short term, you seem to know exactly when these machines operate and perhaps you are influencing these symptoms on yourself by being paranoid.

    See a doctor, if there is genuinely something affecting you then its no good trying to search answers here.
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    Build a room made of solid copper walls (Faraday cage). For a skin depth of 50 Hz, the copper has to be about 12 mm thick. See


    Do not bring any ac electric current into the room. Use only dc current. Do not use any electrical equipment that relies on ac signals; radio, television, telephone, refrigerators, etc.

    Because the Earth's magnetic field is ~ 1 Gauss, when you turn around, turn around very slowly to minimize induced eddy currents in your body.

    If you do not feel better, see a doctor.

    Bob S
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    I'd love to know what this "special paint" does to your RF signals. People pay tens of k£ to obtain a screened room for interference-free measurements of low level signals. All they needed to do was buy a pot of special paint. Well well.

    I think the basic problem is down to 'modern living'. Diet, stress and a whole lot of other factors can give people all sorts of problems. It is very easy to think you've hit on a cause, whether it's EM radiation or pollution. Good evidence of a causal connection is very difficult to come by and, just because somebody writes a convincing article, it doesn't mean that the Science is right.

    My theory is that the majority of overhead power lines have routes through under-privileged areas. People's health in such areas is poorer than average - so there's a clear correlation but is that a causal relationship?
    Also, there are miles and miles of underground power lines that people don't know about. Are those residents exhibiting the same symptoms?
    Also, do people who feel particularly healthy ever go to the trouble of measuring exceptionally LOW level of radiation around their homes?
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    Hi Blenton, thanks for your encouragement and your lack of knowledge and understanding of these things. They say that those who lack knowledge and understanding will surely fade away.

    Yes, you are so right that it's a long-term effect.

    I can say to you my dear friend I didn't come here to be belittle by you, and my doctor knows all about it.

    Anyway, my orginal posting was hoping that an electrical engineer who might have some knowledge and compassion, somthing you haven't got.

    Thank you for your comment.
  16. Aug 28, 2010 #15
    Thanks Bob S, but I am still waiting for an answer how to filter the radio frequency signal from the wiring of my house. Your simple explanation has as much humour as the previous poster. Thanks for your information. Oh, by the way, there are many people like you around who ought to take there own advice.

    Thanks for your comment.
  17. Aug 28, 2010 #16
    Your thoughts on overhead and underground power lines are correct, and this is where most Wi Fi/Microwave sufferers begin their journey on the medico trail trying to find what is wrong, and hit a brick wall every time as all blood tests and x-rays show and prove nothing. Most are diagnosed anxiety as the symptoms are the same. Do you understand and are aware of what the symptoms are. Have you ever spoken to anyone of the 10 million people who suffer from this?

    This is how Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) started in the mid-1980s; it was actually referred to as Myalgic Encephamyolitis (ME). Another syndromes is Fibro Myalgia (FMS)! The most significant syndrome that has developed since 1997 is Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS) and is very common with people who have amalgam fillings in there mouth.

    When you are healthy you wouldn’t go trying to find the trouble if you are healthy, would you?

    Of course the need of modern living is a good diet and a lot of other factors, and it wasn’t easy to hit onto a cause as you have stated, you see my dear friend I have known this for about fifty odd years and worked amongst this field for a very long time and I watched all my dear friends die from all sorts of cancers that were caused by electro magnetic radiation.

    I think you should go to Google and punch in “Dangers of Wi Fi”; “Dangers of DECT Phones” and “Wi Fi/Microwave/Radio Sickness”, and you will get a very good idea what it’s all about, and what is going one. Also punch in “Dangers of Smart Metres” while you are there.

    The special paint is designed to absorb and reflect radio frequencies, but it doesn’t stop ELF from electrical appliances. I live in a middle unit of a complex and the neighbour either side of me had Wi Fi home communications equipment that were bombarding my bedroom and loungeroom. The paint is expensive, so I painted my bedroom walls that stopped the RF from coming through into our bedroom. It works, but as I said it doesn’t stop ELF.

    Still waiting for an answer in regards to the piggybacking of RF signal onto house wiring?
  18. Aug 28, 2010 #17
    I did actually give you an answer.
    I don't know what sort of country you live in that you can't move away from the problem, but I do make some of my money from the fact that wifi and other signals won't penetrate Devon Cob construction. I have quite a few customers that can't get signals (TV,Cellphone, radio etc) and wifi distribution systems gets lost in their cob farmhouse construction.
    Of course, these folks want the signal and quite a bit of ingenuity has to go into making things work for them, but I see no problem avoiding such emissions.

    Incidentally if you are going to present causal claims to hard headed physicists you need to organise them better.

    Mains frequency is not ELF - That was project Sanguine and the like.
    There is a big difference between the interaction of biological entities and radiation and the interaction of those same entities and the fields produced by powerline apparatus and wiring.
    All of this is well documented in appropriate technical journals, rather than quack internet sites.

    For example the cul de sac studies and the New York subway studies both support the case for adverse interaction for some people.
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    Special paint. Snake oil. All out of the same tin I think. If it makes people feel better then it is excellent value.
  20. Aug 28, 2010 #19
    How about purchasing a motor home and visit some of the Federal Parks. You can get a Golden Age Passport and enter and camp in Federal Parks for free or very low cost. I would love to do this, but my wife has other ideas.

    The preceding solution may seem extreme, but where your health is concerned, anything that may work and is not dangerous health wise and is not prohibitively expensive should be tried.
  21. Aug 28, 2010 #20
    I was about to recommend a faraday cage myself..
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