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Building metal rv cover with cantilever

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    Good morning everyone, new member. Have been reading some other posts for awhile. I am auto technician/business owner. I was wondering if I was to post some rudimentary plans for a rv cover I am going to build over a 2 post outdoor car lift, if some one would be willing to give me points on any weak spots in design. I am in Sacramento so weather load is minimal.

    quick summary of design: (4) 4x4 .25 wall posts buried in concrete with rebar pins for uplift prevention. Will be approx 13 feet high at peak. spanning across top of posts will be truss made from 2x2 .09 wall and 1x2 .09 angle iron. 6" cee purlins across from truss to truss every 5' covered with metal roofing.

    Basic idea 43-Cantilever-Trusses-300113.jpg

    I know everyone's time is valuable, I appreciate any you can spare. i can post more detail spec and dimension if anyone is interested
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    Welcome to the PF. :smile:

    Will you be welding the places where the posts and truss joints come together, or using some other joining means? Can you show a sketch of where the RV is in relation to the posts when parked?
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    I will be welding all joints, unless you say I need somthing else.

    Its actually going to be a rain/sun cover for a outdoor 2 post lift but basic idea of a rv cover.
    This is the side profile of the lift already installed and operational.

    hand drawn basic side profile, yellow highlight is placement of lift posts, they will be independent of structure
    Birds eye view
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    Why overhang one side but not the other? Prevailing winds? Symmetrical would be a more straightforward design.
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    Great choice. :smile:
    What's a lift in this context?
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    Phinds: I am trying to use the overhang for vehicle maneuvering. On the right side of the actual picture you can see a rolling gate. when something with a long chassis comes in it would be extremely handy if the front or tail end can swing under that overhang to sneak by.

    Berkeman: by 2 post lift, I mean a rotary brand 2 post car hoist or as the city calls them a "vehicle elevator". The kind you see at automotive repair facilities to lift vehicle overhead for repair access to the under carriage.
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    Prevailing winds are from the south. The cover will run east to west, west being the side with the cantilever. Wind speed, what I have observed in 15 years is small delta breeze of 10mph with gust during storms of 45mph rarely.

    This excerpt is from the county


    Wind design is based on the requirements set forth in the ASCE/SEI 7 Standards and the CBC. The basic ultimate design wind speeds are based on Risk Categories I, II, III and IV, and are as follows: Risk Category I, 100mph; Risk Category II, 110mph; Risk Category III & IV, 115mph (All are nominal design 3 second gust wind speeds).
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    So here's is structure so far, I am looking to elimate some lateral sway (perpendicular to purlins) anyone have ideas. Maybe knee braces poles to purlins?

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