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News Bush Launches Last Minute Deregulation Push

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    The article is now unavailable at MSNBC, and I couldn't find it at the Washington Post. Any confirmation on this?
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    There are 1000's of references to this. But all that I checked go back to the same link that has been removed. Hence, I would be careful in spreading this around since MSNBC has removed the link, there may be something less than newsworthy in this. (EDIT: I see now your link to Reuters, but I'm not sure yet why MSNBC dropped it. And Reuters may yet be based on it.)

    Certainly there are germs of truth in what Clinton did in departing days and Bush quickly undid. I would expect the same kind of thing will happen this time as well if the Democrats should win. The party in power will likely always try to slip stuff in at the last minute.

    In fact it is the stuff of which our Judicial process has defined itself.

    Specifically in Madison v. Marbury it was exactly this kind of transitional action that precipitated the recognition of the Supreme Court's charter for judicial review.

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