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Business Calculus or Finite Mathematics

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    I'm at university, majoring in Economics. After university I'd like to get a job either on the international side of things or working doing something like bond rating, all on the macro level. I have plans to take actual calculus, but am currently forced to take one of the two, and am just trying to figure out which would be the best choice.


    Course Descriptions
    Finite Mathematics
    This course is intended for students in business, economics, or social and life sciences with applications from these fields. Topics covered include vectors, determinants, matrices, systems of inequalities, linear programming, simplex method, logic and Boolean algebra, sets and counting, probability theory, stochastic processes, Markov processes and the mathematics of finance

    Business Calculus
    This course presents an elementary treatment of topics from differential and integral calculus. It is intended primarily for students in the fields of business and social science
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    Take the first course, trust me on this. Take actual calculus when you get to it.
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