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Cadense Orcad 16.3 Error D_D1 is undefined

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    Cadense Orcad 16.3 "Error... D_D1 is undefined"

    I designed a half wave rectifier circuit using resistor, Vsin and 1N4148 diode with the aid of Cadense Orcad 16.3 version. However, after running the simulation, I got an error message saying that the part D_D1 is undefined.

    I looked for the initialisation file (ini.file) to see if I can make adjustments, but could not find this file. I looked for it in the C drive (Cadense\Orcad16.3\tools\pspice but its not there. I opened all the files in the pspice and found something that looked like it...with the PSPICE DEMO, LIBPATH etc in it.

    I corrected the libpath which had $ sign included in it. The simulation still does not work. Can somebody please help me with this problem. What can I do to get it running and not telling me the parts are not defined...even diode.
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    Re: Cadense Orcad 16.3 "Error... D_D1 is undefined"

    I use Orcad 9.2. Still I'll try to help you. I think you should open the netlist file. There the definition of the diode will be written. If anything is wrong it will be detected there.
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    Re: Cadense Orcad 16.3 "Error... D_D1 is undefined"

    Thank you kholdstare for trying to help me.

    Where in the c drive is this netlist? Or do I need to double click on the diode itself?
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    Re: Cadense Orcad 16.3 "Error... D_D1 is undefined"

    If you double click on the diode you will get diode properties. But netlist is a list of components for entire circuit. Generally it will be displayed in the project manager (after you compile your circuit). If you double click it, it will open as text file.
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