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Orcad Capture PSpice Diode Libraries

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    It seems I am having issues locating a valid Orcad Capture PSpice library with the 1N4000 series of diodes. I have downloaded Diode.olb, however when I simulate, I get an error such as: "ERROR -- Model D1N4009 used by D_D2 is undefined"

    From my understanding, this arises due to the fact the part does not have associated PSpice simulation characteristics. I downloaded some other diode libraries, but no 4000 series parts were present. I also went to manufacturers website (e.g. Fairchild) and downloaded specific diode models, but they only come in *.lib, which Orcad doesnt seem to like. I need *.olb libraries.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction to a *.olb diode library with the 4000 series that has associated simulation profiles?

    As a note, this is for a class. I have to use a 4000 series diode, e,g, 4001-4009. In addition, the reason I am running into issues is I am trying to work from my laptop, so I have the 16.3 Demo ["Lite"] version running, which has a limited set of starter libraries included.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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