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Calculating Properties of Tsunamis

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    I'm doing a project on the Properties of Tsunamis and how they relate to each other if certain variables are input (given).

    I've tried looking for a lot of different resources through google however a lot of the search results are phased out by snippets of news concerning past tsunami's or relief funds, both of which I'm not really interested in.

    I should make it clear that I'm trying to simplify such formulas by aproximating constants or eliminating some variables completely in exchange for a larger margin of innacuracy. (Basically, I'm a Sophomore in High School and don't think I can cope with a lot of the more advanced properties of Tsunami's yet).

    What I've found so far to be closest to what I'm looking for are formulas or theorems from which I could derive such things as Speed, Energy, and Velocity/Acceleration.

    The closest resource I've found relating to this is http://plus.maths.org/issue34/features/tsunami/appendix2-gifd.html" [Broken] thought I'm not entirely sure what all the variables in the equation stand for.

    Another resources I found through a post on this forum was for classifying the intensity of Tsunami's (I'm assuming this means energy/power?). However once again I'm a bit dazed by a lot of the variables used. - http://hmf.enseeiht.fr/travaux/CD0001/travaux/optsee/hym/2/pa02.htm#Calculation"

    Would you please try to explain the mathematics used in these resources so I can try to understand them or point me to some other resources you think I might find helpful.

    I'm meeting with the Physics Proffesor at my school later this week to show him the research I've done so far so he can help me simplify it down to something I can use.

    Thanks You for your time,

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    please help.
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