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Calculation of the Cosmological Constant

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    perhaps you remind our last paper (gr-qc/0511089) about the local characteristics of differential structures. Meanwhile we examined the global characteristics and found a way to compute the cosmological constant. It would be nice to hear your opinion about it!

    See http://arXiv.org/abs/gr-qc/0609004

    Torsten and Helge
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    Welcome back Thorsten!
    I don't believe your paper has been posted on the arxiv yet. When I followed your link I got a request to log on, as if I were trying to post or edit a paper. And when I wento to the arxiv site notremally, all the newest gr-qc papers wer still August dated, 0608. It should be there tomorrow and we can look at it then.
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    so glad to see you back!

    I am sure your paper will be available in just 3 hours from now.
    We will be looking forward to seeing it.

    thanks for letting us know,
    best regards to you and Helge
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    thanks Helge,
    I was expecting it to be posted on arxiv at 5PM pacific today, but then I remembered it is Friday so no posting :(

    I'm glad to have an advance copy. Just printed it off and will have a look.
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