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I Calculation of x from log equation

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    I have the following equation:

    I know values of y, A, z.
    I need to calculate x from this equation.

    I need to ‘extract’ x first therefore
    Log(x)-Log(y)= A*(e^z(-1))
    Log(x) = A*(e^z(-1)) +Log(y)
    x=10^[ A*(e^z(-1)) +Log(y)]

    I am not sure whether my formula modification is correct.
    Please help.
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    Charles Link

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    It looks correct to me, assuming the base of the ## Log ## function is 10.
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    Most of it is correct, but I am not sure of the line "x=10^[ A*(e^z(-1)) +Log(y)]". Using log10 is unusual in mathematics. Yes, I see that you do not write "ln(x/y)", but be sure to check what kind of logarithms you have.
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    It would be simpler for calculation if you used y instead of 10^log(y), i.e. [tex]x=y\times 10^{A\times e^{z(-1)}}[/tex]
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