Calculus With Casio fx-9860G AU

Hello All,

I am currently working on DeMOIVRE's Theorem, but when i am converint from polar to complex and vice versa i alwats get my numbers as a decimal that is insanely long and i kno wfor a fact that its just the square root of something. Is there a way to program my calculator (Casio fx-9860g AU os version2.00.1300) to give the answer in sqrt form. I know it can be done as i have seen it been done.

this would greatly help me with my calculas test in a few days,

BTW...SORRY I PUT THIS IN WRONG THREAD, It was ment to go to the comp/it thread



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Wrichik Basu

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According to the manual, it is said that you can do that change by entering MATH mode. To change the mode, follow the instructions on page 58 (a screen has been shown there, with the top option being input mode).

That was a difficult search. Phew!

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