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Calulate the energy stored in capacitor

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    a potential difference V = 100 V is applied across a capacitor arrangement with capacitances C1 = 12.0 µF, C2 = 6.00 µF, and C3 = 16.0 µF. Find the following values.

    i calculated cnet and got 847e-6f
    voltages across c1 and c2 i got 47.1

    now i have to calulate the energy stored in capacitor 1

    u = .5 x c x v^2
    u = .5 x 12e-6 x 47.1^2 = 0.013J

    but i am getting the answer is wrong can anyone confirm?

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    Re: Capacitance

    How did you get cnet? C1 and C2 are in parallel, and effective capacitance of 1 and 2 is in series with C3.
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