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Can anyone explain how to store a string as a variable?

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    I don't have any big programs. I just write programs to get me through my math classes.
    But I want to have the output look pretty.
    Like one program I have is for my finance class.

    Code (Text):

    prompt p
    if p = 1
    Prompt b,r,n,t
    disp l
    Prompt b,r,n,t  
    r/100 → x  
    b*(x/n)/((1+x/n)^(n*t)-1) → m  
    disp m
    But what I want to do is instead of prompting p, I want to prompt "present value?"
    Then If present value = 1 then etc.
    It just looks neater if it prompts an entire string instead of one letter.
    So instead of prompting b,r,n,t it'll prompt
    "Ending Balance?"
    "Number of compounds?"
    And then I can save those strings as variables.
    So ending balance → b
    Rate → r
    Number of compounds → n
    And then just have the rest of the program work with those letters instead of having to type out (rate/numberofcompounds)
    Every time I try to use strings instead of letters it always gives me a syntax error.
    Any help?
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    Well you put a print statement in front of each prompt.
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    breebreebran, you didn't say what kind of calculator you have, which would be useful information. It's possible that the prompt command has an optional first parameter of a string, like this:
    prompt "Present value? ", p

    If not, do as jedishrfu suggests, and print the string before executing the prompt.
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