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Homework Help: Can anyone explain to me Kepler's laws

  1. Jun 26, 2007 #1
    Can anyone explain to me Kepler's laws and equations relative to how to use them? It would also be helpful if an understanding of how Newton proved his laws of universal gravitation using them... I want to be more clarified than what the book says.
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    no no no, newton used his law of universal gravitation to prove kepler's laws. kepler formulated his laws empirically. if you have a calculus book there should be a section at the end of the vector introduction that proves kepler's laws.
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    I see; then I'll check to see
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    Johannes Kepler (1571-1630)
    Isaac Isaac (1642-1727),
    For proof of Kepler's laws, see:
    http://www.physics.upenn.edu/courses/gladney/mathphys/java/sect5/subsubsection5_1_1_1.html [Broken]
    For further detail on Newton's proof, see:
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    alright...I'll check the sites out; thanks
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