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Can anyone offer advice on vibration in machine tool?

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    We have a vibration from a transmission that is showing up in some machined parts. We know the transmission needs to come apart but will need to schedule it for this summer. Has been this way for years. We need to find a quick remedy to at least reduce the problems. Transmission already sits on isolators. Trans power is transferred through cog belts. We have added about 50lb of lead which is helping but not enough.

    Frequencies change with speed but are rather low in general. 50-200hz. Have no experience designing dampers. Wondering about fluid damping or anything fairly modular so we can tweak it into a certain frequency and at least get a good finish for now.

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    Ranger Mike

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    A long term fix I would say you should try to design a tuned absorber.

    For right now though, if you can determine the point where there is the greatest deflection due to the vibration is; try sticking a weight there. By doing that you'll shift you natural frequencies towards the left, and also the weight will create a higher moment of inertia reducing the amplitude of the vibration.
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