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Can I observe the atomic orbit with a universe sandbox2?

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    Can't find a program at my level to simulate orbital or electron motor velocity, so is it possible to use universe sandbox2 to implement the atomic world to confirm the orbit?
    It is difficult to convert static electricity into gravity...
    It's hard to tell what the distance is between an electron and an atomic nucleus.

    If that's not possible, recommend the atomic simulation program you know.
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    You do realize that electrons do not really orbit the nucleus or even have definite positions, right?
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    No, not at all. Once you get down to the atomic scale, quantum effects become so dominant that classical physics is no longer an accurate way to model things.

    It's not only difficult, it's impossible at this time. Or, rather, scientists who have spent their lifetime working on uniting gravity and the other forces have not yet been successful.

    It doesn't help that there isn't a single distance. The position of an electron in an atomic orbital is given by an equation called a wavefunction. This wavefunction, instead of giving us a precise answer like it might in classical physics, gives us the probability of finding the electron at some position. Basically, the electron can be found an just about any distance from the nucleus, just with a greatly reduced probability beyond a certain range.
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