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Can My Ideas Be Stolen or Plagiarized From These Forums?

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    I am asking this question because I am interested in posting a topic on exact differential equations which I derived while idle at my job. Given that I am self-taught in mathematics, many of my ideas are likely to be original. They do not overturn conventional knowledge, for they are grounded in current theory, and I am interested in discussing this and other topics.
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    Actually, the exact opposite is MUCH more likely. Given that you are self-taught, you are less likely to know what has already been done.
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    I can tell you this, if you don't share your "original" ideas somewhere, the development of your thoughts are likely to stall faster than a 777 flying into the SF airport. If you are self-taught and closed off from an interactive community, your work is 1) likely full of holes, and 2) has probably already been derived long ago and passed on, which is why you can't find any current literature on it. So you think it's original. My advice is to save some time and join the community.

    I mentioned in a thread a while back about this "aspiring" songwriter that walked into a friend of mines recording studio and wanted a publishing deal on the spot because his songs were so great and original. He was sure he was the next Bob Dylan. Sounds great so far, but the guy wouldn't let anyone even listen to the songs until he had a signed contract because he was afraid the songs would get stolen. It took about 10 seconds for my buddy to show this guy the door after lots of belly laughter. Needless to say, 10 years later and nobody's heard from him since.
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    If we stipulate, for the sake of answering your question, that your ideas have merit, then, yes, some person might conceivably plagiarize them. An anonymous lurker, for example, could easily take someone's idea and then later claim to have no knowledge of PhysicsForums, and to have thought the thing up separately, themself. (Yes, I said "themself.")
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    :yuck: Too soon.
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    It's unlikely your idea is original or even correct, so you may as well post it. If you think it's both, then submit it for publication.
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    Sorry :redface:
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    Another thing you can do is "test the waters." Take some partial or derivative aspect of your ideas and test them against the group here. If you choose carefully, you won't be giving anything away but will get some kind of idea if you're on the right track or if you may be way off.
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