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In common usage and in philosophy, ideas are abstract concepts. Also in philosophy, ideas can also be mental representational images of some object. Many philosophers have considered ideas to be a fundamental ontological category of being. The capacity to create and understand the meaning of ideas is considered to be an essential and defining feature of human beings. In a popular sense, an idea arises in a reflexive, spontaneous manner, even without thinking or serious reflection, for example, when we talk about the idea of a person or a place. A new or an original idea can often lead to innovation.

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  1. M

    Racing car coolant formula ideas

    Hey guys! So, I’m working on an engine coolant for track motor sports that can’t contain any glycols. I think a simple “water wetter” will work. A surfactant such as Tydol X-100 come to mind along with an anti foaming agent and aluminum corrosion inhibitor. I know there are commercial...
  2. Ivan Seeking

    Gift Ideas for Scientists and Engineers

    If you are like me, you often struggle for a good gift idea for someone. My boss's boss has given me a nice Christmas gift the last couple of year so I wanted to find something nice for him. He is really into antique science and testing equipment and has a nice collection. I decided to search...
  3. T

    Ideas welcome on how to attach 2 shafts of different diameters

    I have a motor and a 3 phase generator which I would like to connect together, i.e. let the motor drive the generator and measure it's output. Each have their own type of shaft which do not fit together. I would therefore like to get some proposals, preferably which do not require custom work at...
  4. R0dr1go

    B Multiverse and Fictional Ideas

    I'm a 16 year old who has wondered this question for a while. If the multiverse theory is correct, and I understand correctly, there would be infinite universes in which each universe would be different from another in some form. If this is the case, would that mean that places and worlds that...
  5. P

    Need help coming up with ideas (bachelor's thesis)

    TL;DR Summary: Need help coming up with ideas to present a current thesis in terms of qualitative and quantitative ideas. Hey! I have a problem. I have picked up on a project for which I am planning on doing my bachelor's thesis on. The guy behind the project is not a physicist, per se, as he...
  6. Someon332

    Schools What are some good science fair project ideas or resources?

    I am currently a sophomore in HS, and I have a science fair project next year. I want to do something interesting- I don't want to put in barely any effort and do something that everyone has done, like 'growing plants in different light levels'. I would ideally like to do something with...
  7. W

    Ideas on How This Exhibit was Designed?

    Watching this exhibit from years ago () led me to think that ball bearings will bounce really well from steel glockenspiel bars, but that wasn't the case when I tested this myself with a stainless steel ball bearing and a steel glockenspiel bar. Granted, I was just propping up the bare...
  8. Al-Layth

    How do Engineers Calculate the Dimensions of their Design Ideas?

    You have a design problem statement, which gives you numerical specifications for performance, spatial constraints etc, and you have finally come up with some mechanism ideas you synthesised into a machine concept. You’ve sketched your design’s parts and the final assembly. So: How do you now...
  9. Al-Layth

    Mechanism Ideas for: Rotary Action-input Pump?

    I'm trying to come up with a design for a handheld pump that will be used to suck diesel from a car's fuel tank. There's definitely going to be a pipe dipping into the fuel tank, and there's definitely going to be a human manually operating the pump. I'm trying to think of a mechanism that...
  10. malawi_glenn

    Ideas for group theory for high school math project

    Hi As high school teacher, I sometimes have those extremely talanted and self driven pupils. In their final year, they are required to make a science or math project, roughly one month full-time studies, approx 15-20 pages report. This academic year, one of my students have learned some group...
  11. E

    Final year raytracer project ideas

    Hi there. I am about to enter my final year of a computer science bachelor degree and must do a final year project that spans most of the academic year. I have some experience on the artistic side of computer graphics but none in the computer science side. I would be interested in developing...
  12. T

    Misc. Looking for entry level DIY ideas

    I'm looking for a way to use these batteries that is safe and also useful. I've looked into buy inverters to turn them into portable battery packs but am out of my depth and don't want to create a device with serious potential fire hazards without thoroughly understanding the ins and outs and...
  13. MevsEinstein

    Admissions Ideas on Davidson Institute Fellows Scholarship

    Hello Physics Forums! There is a scholarship for gifted children under the age of 18 provided by Davidson Institute. What you need to do is write a research paper on a topic and then judges decide if the submitter should get a 50k scholarship, 25k scholarship, 10k scholarship, honorable...
  14. F

    Other Undergraduate thesis topic ideas in medical physics

    I am a junior applied physics major. I am supposed to write my thesis topic proposal but honestly have no idea what to do. I wrote a proposal about using bipolar junction transistors to create a dosimeter but there are already studies on it and honestly, I am not sure about it so I am trying to...
  15. J

    Physics presentation ideas please for a senior in high school

    Hi! I'm in my final year of high school and I need to present to a jury a 5 minute presentation on a physics question. I'm looking for a topic that would combine physics and everyday life , similar to explaining ball movement in a given sport through aerodynamics and movement trajectory. My...
  16. BiaCarvalho

    A Can Representing Ideas be Possible?

    but I could not develop, is it really possible to represent this way?
  17. J

    I love Octonions as well as alternative propulsion ideas

    How did you find PF?: Google Hi folks! Title sums it up pretty well. Alternative propulsion is cool, despite the amount of woo that tends to permeate the topic. I enjoy finding first-principles solutions for far-out claims.
  18. C

    Book on how to define ideas rigorously

    I know the logic of proving/disproving mathematical statements, I learned it by reading books, texts regarding to the matter, lots of exercises ( in the subject of how to do mathematical proofs and in the subject of proving/disproving statements in my math courses [ e.g. Linear Algebra, Real...
  19. V

    Undergrad Research Topic Ideas Please (Electrical Engineering)

    I'm currently looking for possible innovative research topics or ideas, I'm having a hard time to think of one since everything is getting really advance. Thank you.
  20. D

    I Ideas about observing position and momentum at the same time

    I am very interested in quantum mechanics/physics and i keep seeing the Heisenberg uncertainty principle and its making me think about other forms of viewing particles. We traditionally use Photons to view something (our eyes), or other forms of radiation/particles, but i know that merely...
  21. B

    I Elementary Ideas About Entropy -- Is this textbook example correct?

    Summary:: An elementary example calculation involving entropy in a textbook seems wrong I was reading an elementary introduction to entropy and the second law of thermodynamics. The book gave the example of a gas in a chamber suddenly allowed to expand into an additional portion of the...
  22. D

    Ideas in physics used for creating art

    Summary:: I'm looking for physical models/phenomena that can be replicated in the art of creating sound/music. Hey everyone, I'm an experimental music composer/researcher who just got addicted to watching Youtube videos on quantum physics. The entire field absolutely fascinates me now. The...
  23. Vittorio34

    AI project ideas, using Arduino or Raspberry

    Hello everyone, I'm a high school student and I'm looking for ideas. My teacher wants us to realize something that is useful for the society and that is INNOVATIVE and CREATIVE(not the common things you do with AI). He would like us to realize something that is "Touchable", like a model or a...
  24. berkeman

    Any ideas what these green/white checkerboard patterns are used for?

    I've seen a printout like this at a printer at my work a couple times over the last year, and have not been able to figure out what they are used for. Does anybody know of a game or come crypto decode technique that uses such patterns? the 1-page printout has seven of these 25x4 checkerboards...
  25. B

    Statistical physics, using the ideas of Fermi Energies, etc. for a star

    a) V=(4/3)pi(r^3) N=M/m_n (M=mass of neutron star, m_n=mass of neutron) Subbed into E_f = (hbar^2 / 2m) (3(pi^2)N / V)^(2/3). T_F = E_F / k_B b) dU = (dU/dS)_s dS + (dU/dV)_s dV p = -(dU/dV)_s dV V=(4/3)pi(r^3) -> r = cubedroot(3V/4pi) subbed into U_g = -(3/5)(G M^2 / r) take (dU/dV) plug into...
  26. M

    Final semester project ideas using CMOS VLSI?

    Guys ! I need your help in choosing a better project for my last semester .Can anyone suggest me projects based on CMOS VLSI Technology.?
  27. DaveC426913

    Gift ideas for sword-waving, drinking, leather-bound biker chick

    I have a friend (female) who collects and displays replica swords, sai(s), axes, maces and the occasional bullwhip. I'm looking for a small gift (<$100) that might complement her hobbies. She also likes drinking. Collects unique liquors and bottles. She's also a rider. BMW, one million cc...
  28. mesa

    Difficulty with machining bismuth, any suggestions/tips/other ideas?

    Hello all, we are working with some bismuth for a series of upcoming experiments and are trying to initially keep the purity high for better neutron activation measurements. Unfortunately there has been some difficulty with machining steps on the final pieces with chipping due to the material...
  29. K

    Ideas from previous Nobel prize winners

    Hello! I just read this paper and it seems like that idea has been proposed about 30 years ago by a Nobel prize winner. I was wondering if there are other experimental concepts proposed in the past that scientists couldn't implement back then but nowadays we could (or in the near future). How...
  30. elcaro

    Some ideas on interstellar space travel

    Science fiction is of course full of all kind of futuristic ideas about interstellar space travel and ways of propulsion, some more physically plausible then others. But within the current realm of what is physical possible, what could interstellar space travel be like? First you need a source...
  31. Jarvis323

    Optical Ideas for Infinity Mirror Geometries

    I'd like to make a large scale infinity dodecahedron, or icosahedron, or something similar. I'm just curious if anyone around here has an idea for a different/more complicated geometry that would work well?
  32. bhobba

    A Could QM Arise From Wilson's Ideas

    In adding some detail to a question about mass, I gave a link to an article by Sean Carrol: https://www.preposterousuniverse.com/blog/2013/06/20/how-quantum-field-theory-becomes-effective/ 'Nowadays we know you can start with just about anything, and at low energies, the effective theory will...
  33. S

    Misc. I want to mechanically detect when an egg-timer runs out - ideas?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to come up with a method for designing a classic egg-timer (falling sand) which will sound an alarm when it goes off. The alarm itself is going to be some contraption akin to a Rube-Goldberg machine, which I can design after I work out how to mechanically detect when an...
  34. T

    Computational project ideas for magnetic materials?

    For my end-of-semester project, I was tasked to investigate an aspect of magnetism/magnetic materials, to do some literature review on the topic, and code a mathematical model and display my results graphically. I couldn't find anything I wanted to do, so I asked the professor to assign me a...
  35. O

    Any good ideas for a plant for my yard?

    I have a small yard (25 feet wide) and the southernmost part of it is almost always shaded by a school that is adjacent. The previous owners had 5 paper birch trees plants in the shaded portion, three across the back edge then two planted about 10 feet closer to my house on the left and right...
  36. Orenshved

    Sci-fi writer in need of futuristic Quantum Physics ideas

    Summary:: Looking for ideas for my book about future QP applications. Hey everyone, I'm writing a sci-fi thriller set 25 years in the future, where my main character and his team are trying to stop an artificial superintelligence that is operating on the world's most powerful quantum...
  37. Sher

    Sharing Ideas with Others, but with Concerns....

    I am working on a project. It is by no means a new invention. There are plenty of these things that already exist out in the world. It has become an art form in a way. At times, I feel stuck or feel a creative block and would love to seek out the input of others who could help problem solve, but...
  38. K

    Ideas for novel I'm writing I would love some insight on a concept

    Summary:: Ideas for a novel I want to begin writing. Brainstorming ideas and need help with a certain concept. Any help is appreciated! Hello to you all, this is my first post, and I Google searched this astrophysics forum because I thought it might be a good place to begin asking for advice...
  39. M

    A New ideas about symmetry groups

    https://arxiv.org/abs/2009.14613 A group-theorist's perspective on symmetry groups in physics Robert Arnott Wilson [Submitted on 29 Sep 2020 (v1), last revised 12 Nov 2020 (this version, v3)] R.A. Wilson (physics blog) worked on finite simple groups such as the famous "Monster". He writes...
  40. fluidistic

    Questions about Korzybski's ideas

    I have read a little bit about Korzybski's ideas, and I am wondering if his ideas on language have been made obsolete by Chomsky? I could not find anything, any comment or whatsoever, from Chomsky about Korzybski. It seems to me that Korzybski believed that language cannot reveal reality, from...
  41. Nick tringali

    Research ideas for my Neurobiology class -- All Input Wanted Please

    For my neurobiology class, my partners and I are expected to design an experiment of anything we would like to do. Here is what we have thus far: In class (Lab) we did a neuron culture by taking the forebrain from a chick egg. We did some processes and our objective was to culture it. Forgive me...
  42. U

    B Help with IB Extended Essay Physics Experiment Ideas

    I'm having trouble coming up with a experiment to investigate for my IB Extended Essay as well as formulating my research question. Does anyone have any recommendations on similar (in terms of classical physics & abundance of background theory) physics experiments that can be done?
  43. thaiqi

    Any ideas on learning Slater's book?

    Summary:: no summary Hello,everyone: If I plan to learn Slater's Quantum Theory of Atomic Structure(vol.1 and vol.2), are there any suggestions for me ?
  44. Q

    Ideas for a self-tilting mechanism

    Hello, I would like to ask for ideas for a tilting mechanism for a machine that shoots out odd-shaped objects. These objects are quite large (about 50-100 kg each), are rolled around on castor wheels, and have slightly different contours. Here’s a sketch of the machine and the object: As...
  45. iVenky

    Nikola Tesla's Ideas - Autobiography Insight

    Summary:: Based on his Autobiography I was reading Nikola Tesla's ideas. He thought of deriving power from the rotational energy of terrestrial bodies. Are you aware of that? He says, " I had discovered that objects on the Earth's surface, owing to the diurnal rotation of the globe, are...
  46. T

    How are creative math ideas come up with to solve problems?

    Hello.Well, this is a general question.when solving a math problem what are the ways the mind finds to prove the problem?How about giving new definitions for abstract objects or posing new problems on your own?What are the motivations to do these things?Should they be of very high value to be...
  47. S

    Engineering Ideas for an Engineering mind, fed up of Engineering?

    Hi all, I've been working as an engineer / engineering technician for 8 years now, and I have become somewhat disillusioned with it. I pursued this career course out of convenience, interest and aptitude; I was given a summer job making the floor-plans for an investment casting factory, and...
  48. F

    B Gisin's ideas on time vs. special relativity—how does one reconcile them?

    I’ve tagged this question as “Basic”, although I’m not sure if it can be answered at that level. A friend pointed me to this article: https://www.msn.com/en-ph/news/opinion/what-einstein-may-have-gotten-wrong/ar-BB12w95x Here’s a quote: In other words, the world is indeterministic; the future...
  49. NTL2009

    Electronics Switches, Pots, Displays for DIY projects - Some ideas, some questions

    Many times, we might have a great idea for a DIY project/mod, but getting an interface panel together with any needed Switches, Pots, Displays, and getting them in a case can be a pain. Right now, I'm thinking about a project/mod I'd like to share with a hobby community, but many of these people...