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Medical Can paranoia and arrogance be helpful

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    Thinks like paranoia and arrogance.

    im sure you know what they are and can think of related conditions.

    take arrogance.
    "Marked by or arising from a feeling or assumption of one's superiority toward others: an arrogant contempt for the weak."

    my question is. what if your literally justified in being such a way.

    That you are indeed definately superior to other(s)

    or in paranoia. that you are indeed being watched and etc.

    while these may be very very rare cases and psychologist may never have to deal with such things. What if the situation is legit. is it really like a bad thing that arrogance is portrayed as.
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    Seems to me there is a basic error in your question.

    Arrogance is an attitude that doesn't depend on whether you really are superior (by what standard?) or not. The fact that you are, by some standard, superior, doesn't justify being arrogant about it.

    Paranoia is a medical condition that doesn't depend on whether you really have enemies or not. It can be diagnosed even if there is someone stalking the subject, and the existence of the stalker doesn't make the condition go away.
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    as for standard i dunno doesnt matter. Take the American dream or something. The people at the bottom are aspiring to be the top or near the top. So in a way. The top people are superior to the bottom people.

    regardless to what standard. you can even take IQ. it doesnt matter really. im just saying. if the person was superior.

    While perhaps not acting in contempt of the lesser others. like not giving them equal opportunity. Like you can have everyone with equal stature. but simply you are superior so it would be against fact to act like your not superior to the person in that sense(standard)

    i know my english sucks so lemme give an example(analogy)

    Professional Hockey Player Wayne Gretsky
    Newbie Joe Smith from No-wheres Ville

    Wayne Gretsky wins with no trouble. This is because he vastly superior in the hockey world.
    For wayne gretsky to act like joe smith is anywhere near as good a player as he is would simply be stupid. Does Wayne act in contempt like Joe shouldnt live or something. or act like joe shouldnt be in his presence. now thats like ego problems.

    i dunno i might be messing up with what arrogance means. and simply being superior.

    as for the paranoia. What if you have this condition BECAUSE of the stalker. and the fix for the condition is the removal of the stalker.

    again, ya the english. and here comes the analogy.

    Im doing my 9-5 everyday and so on. im completely normal. the stalker(cops or freak) shows up and the evidence of him shows itself.and you become paranoid because of this. and you stop trusting people(as since you dont know who it is). then the cops catch the freak or the cops themselves screw off. so basically stalker goes away. and evidence shows this. and paranoia goes away.

    isnt that paranoia justified?
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    Yes, paranoia when you have a stalker is justified.....and yes some people are better at some things than others such as math or physics or the tuba. Occasionally they may get frustrated with people who are not as competent.

    Unjustified paranoia comes with mental illness. For example, someone I know is a paranoid schizophrenic. She believes that everyone is trying to poison her and in order to get her to drink something you have to drink out of her cup first and wait a few minutes so she knows there is not poison in her drink. She is like this with EVERYONE. That paranoia is unjustified.

    Supremacist groups believe that they are somehow better than other groups for whatever reason. They are demeaning toward the groups that they believe are inferior, this is unjustified.

    I am also getting a feeling that this thread is inappropriate for this topic area unless you are going to get into neurobiological aspects of these character traits.
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    Im sorry for that. I really never know exactly where i should post threads.
    this was the mind sciences place for psychology. So well ya.

    To be honest i dont know anything or well very limited amounts neurobiology.

    Ok you answered my question on paranoia. as for arrogance. I agree again.

    Personally I must admit. I have an IQ which ranges 140-145 tested many times on many differnet platforms. So in the IQ standard I would be above average. Do I think that i should purify the lesser IQ people? definately not.

    In fact i have a theory which has been seen before, and portrayed in a couple movies.

    A person of IQ 90. can do the job of a person with IQ 120. HEre is a real life example that i personally have seen and met the people. I wont use their real names. Ill use a demeaning one to just give the idea.

    So you have Bruno. He got tested and had an IQ of like 92, which since has been lowered to 90. HE is an athelete, kickboxer and soccer. His grades were absolutely nothing. his teachers gave him a pass just so he could play on the soccer team. he was a very good player(according to people, i couldnt tell you lol). for his grade 12 he pulled up his socks and got something like 97% average. He then went on competing with a ex-co-worker friend for #1 position in engineering(bachelors)(which is big in my area) and such a position is very well payed out, with choice of what company to work for.)

    for a movie example.
    Eddie Murphy in trading places.
    He is like a homeless man who trades places with a rich white man who works in stock market. and he uses common knowledge and successfully plays stocks.

    So when it comes down to it. it really doesnt matter of IQ. Except when you get to real specialist(unique) jobs. In my opinion. World leader positions should be limited to average or above IQ. Steven HArper having an IQ of 12 disqualifies him. o:) o:) o:) o:)
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    World leader positions don't need to be limited, how could a country such as the United States's majority of its electorate decide on somebody with an IQ of ~80? It wouldn't happen. People don't want retarded people ruling their country.
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    but current leadership in the states is led by george bush...
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