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Can quasar gets converted into pulsar?

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    Quasars are galaxies which are very active at centre
    pulsars are dense stars....

    Since pulsars rotate very fast it can be a quasar gone crazy???
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    if a galaxy where to be compressed to a single star it would be a supermassive black hole whereas a pulsar is a less dense neutron star not a black hole.
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    But let us say that quasar which we are considering is small
    And pulsar which is formed is big
    Why we think when matters condense then always black holes are formed?
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    thats not true you need enough matter to overcome the neutron pressure in a neutron star before it would collapse to a black hole. Also the energy generation mechanism of a pulsar and a quasar are different.

    Wikipedia has short articles describing both of these types of objects which are good to read.
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    thanks I
    will read them first then will post again here
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