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Can Resonant Transmission happen when U > E?

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    My textbook had a section where a particle beam was going over a barrier where E > U and then right after that had a part about resonant transmission. It then went on to talk about Tunneling through a barrier when U > E. It didn't give a new resonant transmission equation and i assume the equation would be different...

    So yeah, if a particle beam is tunneling through a barrier (U>E) there is no resonant transmission?

    P.S. what math skills should i have before investing in griffiths quantum intro?
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    What do you call resonant transmission?
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    You can see the equations for transmission probability versus energy, and a graph, here:


    It also shows an outline of the derivation of these equations. The missing steps are a lot of algebra, and are a standard exercise in many QM textbooks.

    By "resonant transmission" PsychonautQQ probably means that the transmission probability oscillates with energy when E > U (E > V0 in the Wikipedia page). The maxima are "resonances" of the wave inside the barrier.
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