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Can some one teach me Differential Equations?

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    I would like to learn this. Can someone teach me? The things like δy22x and solving for x and y. :rolleyes:
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    There are thick books on the subject.

    And they cover only introductory material...
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    "Introductory Differential Equations" would be at least a semester course. "Differential equations" in general should require several courses. I don't know what you mean by " The things like δy2/δ2x and solving for x and y." Did you mean [itex]d^2y/dx^2[/itex] or [itex]\partial^2y/\partial x^2[/itex]? Those are from Calculus and you should have completed Calculus before you attempt Differential Equations. Have you taken Calculus?
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    Yes, someone can teach you DEs, but not here at PF. This is not a tutoring service.
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    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Did you learn it?
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    Yes, and no, but I can integrate and differentiate.
    I meant [itex]d^2y/dx^2[/itex]
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    I barely licked the surface, so long ago I can safely state I don't remember anything.

    But asking people to TEACH you something like that is a horribly wrong approach. Nobody here is going to spend their time teaching you. But if you start on your own, they will be able to help if you get stuck.
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    Differential equations is probably the most studied area of applied mathematics (and maybe pure mathematics), one can spend an entire life time studying differential equations.
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    Oh! Really? oops... How about "Differential Equations for Dummies"?
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    oh dear...:zzz: I might just see how it works or maybe study it for several weeks.
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