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Can someone talk about creator?

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    Can someone talk about god/creator and get terminated? Physics forums clearly mentions that it does not want members to discuss philosophy. Is discussing about god( even in 'Science fiction and fantasy' section) a philosophy? If so, does it lead to termination?

    Note; Please don't terminate me if I violated this forum rules in this post..:biggrin: I just want to be informed.
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    Have you seen our "global guidelines"? If not, click on Site Info at the top of this page and choose Rules & Guidelines. Two sections describe our policy on religious topics: (1) one of the bullet points under Discussion Guidelines near the top, and (2) a whole section labeled Religious Discussion under General Content Guidelines further below.
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    Thanks. I read it carefully. So, by the guidelines, I can discuss some topics but it should not be discussed in such a way that it connects(tries to prove or disprove) well proven theories. Am I right?
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    My take on this is that, it has very little to do with a science discussion. This is primarily a science site with the goal and intent to help people understand science.

    Philosophical discussions tend to be varied and difficult to evaluate the merit of argument.
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