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Can we copy and distribute insight articles?

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    If we give them out for free in printed form? Some great things to share but I don't want to be sued or punched in the nose.

    All acknowledgements to authors of course.​
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    @Greg Bernhardt knows how exactly you can use those articles.
    Asking the authors is always a good idea.
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    Why not share the link address? :)
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    will do for sure.

    reality is ime people are more likely to engage something if they know someone has bothered to download an article, print it and hand it to them. adds some kind of psychological value.

    every day our accounts are full of links that someone thinks are super awesome - I suspect few ever get clicked, I sure ignore most links I get sent.

    maybe I am just used to dealing with old people, the hard-copy is still the preferred medium.
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