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Policy Question on Posting Articles

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    Hey everyone,

    I have a policy question about posting some articles that I've typed up in TeX. I want to now if it's allowed, and if so then under what circumstances.

    I'm putting together a website where I'll be posting my notes on math and physics. Whenever I learn something new or work out some proof I TeX it up for myself for future reference. For example, I learned how to solve the cubic equation the other day, from scratch. The procedure is complicated, so I wrote it up for myself knowing that I would inevitably forget the details. A few weeks before that I worked out the correct form for the matrix that gives you perspective shortening when doing 3D graphics programming. I TeX'd that up for future reference too.

    I'm wondering if it would be OK for me to occasionally post links to these PDFs of mine for comments and review. I enjoy sharing them, and I like getting feedback that might help make them better.

    None of these papers could really be categorized as "original research." The subject matter is never anything groundbreaking. Just your typical intermediate level math and physics material recast into my own words.

    What do you guys think?
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    Hi pmr,

    Just letting you know that the staff has seen your post and are discussing it.

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    Hi pmr,

    After some discussion, the best place for these would be as insights articles.
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    Another suggestion that apparently doesn't require anybody's approval. Go to your My PF drop down menu. There you can fill in some personal details, one of which is your home page. There is also an "About You" box where you could slip in some text about this interest of yours and encourage people to check out your home page. Just sayin' ...
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    That sounds great. I submitted an application to be a writer on the insights pages.
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