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Can we set up CDF document embedding here?

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    Can we embed computable document format files from Mathematica to the forum here? Would be nice don't you guys think? Mathematica has the free CDF player and I understand it's possible to embed CDF files in any web page. Here's the demo from Mathematica if this would be something the adminstrators would be interested in looking into:


    For example, consider the log branch plot below. It's difficult for students to understand branching in Complex Analysis. However, having the ability to rotate that plot interactively, provides what I think is a great tool to better understand this concept. But the plot is static below and not very helpful as it stands.

    It's easy to create CDF files in Mathematica. However, when I attempt to attach a sample CDF file here, I get an invalid file error.

    Just think it would be a classy addition to the forum if it's possible.

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    We'll look into it.
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    I would take advantage of this also.
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