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Can you jump from a BS in Math, minor in Physics, to a MS in Physics?

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    I've taken enough math courses that it would actually be easier for me to get a BS in math, with a minor in physics, rather than a BS in physics and a minor in math (like I had thought I might like to do originally).

    My question is, could I pursue a MS in physics in grad school if I go ahead and finish with a BS in Math with a physics minor in undergrad school?

    Or alternatively, after my BS in math, could I get a MS in Math and then a PhD in physics?

    Thank you.
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    It looks like I should be able to do it then, since I'm just 1 semester and 2 courses away from having all the math requirements for a BS in math and I have half the BS physics requirements. I'll just have to study up on physics for a few months my senior year and I should be good.

    Thanks for the link to the thread.
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