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The Miñor is a river of Galicia, Spain. It is 9.9 miles (16 km) long, and stretches from Or Galiñeiro to the places of Ramallosa and Sabarís.gl:Sabarís, Santa Cristina da Ramallosa, Baiona

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  1. DanialK231

    Is a nuclear engineering minor worth an extra semester?

    Summary: Since I did not start out in calculus 1 in my first semester of college I have to take an extra semester in my four years to get my bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering and Clemson offers a minor in Nuclear engineering which would just add 15 more credit hours to my overall degree...
  2. J

    Major or minor -- Which do you find more pleasing?

    Which triad sounds most pleasing to you? I personally find minor chords as having a very resonant sound. Some find Major chords as being the more resonant ( this group views minor chords as dissonant ) No right or wrong answer here. I am just curious as to others views.
  3. S

    Physics Bachelors in physics with a minor in electric and computer engineering

    I am considering getting a physics bachelors with a minor in electric and computer engineering. I want to study computers and the hardware behind them, but also study the physics aspects of them. I also am considering going to graduate school to get a masters or PhD and doing research into...
  4. I

    Programs Physics Major with Stats/Data Analysis Minor (Is this a good combo?)

    I am an incoming university freshman in the U.S. who wants to major in physics but also wants to add a minor that will help build some more applicable skills. As the title suggests, I am looking for some insight into a stats/data analysis minor since a close friend of mine majored in applied...
  5. L

    Programs BS in physics with a minor in finance

    Hi! My daughter is currently in Grade 12. We are having a hard time to choose between BS in Physics minor in Finance and Bs in Physics with specialization in material science. Can you give us advice which is a better one? thank you in advance
  6. angela6884

    Courses Can I go to grad school to be an astrophysicist with a minor in astronomy?

    Hello! I'm a senior in high school and I plan on getting a bachelors in computer engineering. I want to minor is astronomy (or double major although I heard engineering is very demanding so I would prefer to minor astronomy). When I complete the four years, and if I realize that I want to be an...
  7. person123

    Programs Math Recommended for a Physics Minor (Civil Engineering Major)

    I'm an incoming sophomore majoring in Civil Engineering, and I'm considering a physics minor. The minor doesn't have any math requirements and Civil only requires Calculus I-IV and statistics, but the major in Physics requires a long list of advanced math courses (real and complex analysis as...
  8. Zack K

    Programs What minor complements a physics major?

    Will having a minor in computer science or math be beneficial for the future? Specifically if I'm interested in astrophysics and the experimental field in general. Physics is at the point where you can't do much without computation power, so I wonder if having a minor in computer science will be...
  9. G

    Programs Math major with Physics minor (Complicated)

    Hi Guys, So this would sound complicated. Here is the thing, I've been in college in 2014. Went to a community college 2014-2017 and recently transferred to a four year during Fall 2017. It took me till Fall 2018 to realized how much I loved Math. Math has been my passion for a long time, but...
  10. gibberingmouther

    Programs Physics Minor with Computer Science

    I'd have to take 3 extra courses to qualify for the minor. Is it worth it? Yes, I'm majoring in computer science and over halfway through my bachelor's. I'm learning from the current course I'm taking that the online homework - and to some degree the labs - really helps with comprehension. I...
  11. José Ricardo

    Programs Biophysics or astrobiology -- needs to be a minor or can be a major?

    As I said before in a other thread (I don't remember if it was this section). To do a postgraduate in Theoritical Biophysics or in a astrobiology, I need to have a minor, or a major is enough?
  12. Q

    Engineering How beneficial is a minor in Electrical Engineering?

    Hi, I’m a freshman Physics major in the US and I am concerned about the job opportunities directly out of undergrad. Because of this, short of switching my major to an engineering field, I was wondering if a minor in EE would substantially assist me. I know it would not be an ABET accredited...
  13. Quantumfied

    Programs Is it Beneficial to Pursue CS and Robotics Minors for a Career in Robotics?

    Hey guys I’m interested in working in robotics when I graduate college. I’m currently a junior. My major is mechanical engineering. I’m wondering if getting both a CS minor and a Robotics(this is actually built for mechengi and EE majors at my school so I can do it with some over lap for about...
  14. G

    Programs Help with math minor (Transfer student)

    I need help since I recently changed my Fall schedule. I recently going to take Linear Algebra, but I will be taking a Meteorology class instead. This class will help me prepare for 300 and 400 level courses I'm planning to take as an extra elective. Had to pick a class to replace with the...
  15. O

    Hydraulic Head Loss (minor) loss coefficient References?

    Hi all, Quick question: What do you guys use as your reference for minor head loss coefficients (k). I'm sure those with more experience have their own database/excels of k values found over the years. I have been personally using a combination of my Hydraulic Engineering Textbook and Google...
  16. S

    Programs Which Minor Will Make Me More Marketable in Applied Physics?

    I am enrolled at the University of Waterloo's Honours Physics Program with a specialization in Applied Physics. In the future I would like to either work as a physicist conducting research or work on developing energy sources like nuclear or solar power. My main options would include a minor in...
  17. R

    Programs Advice on Minor in Math or Physics

    In the second year of my bachelor in physics, we must choose a minor, but I'm indeciseve between choosing a minor in Mathematics that has courses like : Complex Analysis; Group Theory; Linear Analysis, Introduction to Topology, Differential Equations, etc.. and the minor in Physics that has...
  18. K

    Programs Physic undergrad and material minor?

    Okay there's a lot to chow down here but I am at a standstill. Ultimately there are too many variables and unknowns but I need a framework. I am transferring over to ASU from a community college and have declared physics as my major. This is something I have planned on for a while because I am...
  19. Quantumfied

    Programs Is Chemistry a useful minor for a MechEng Major?

    My interest are in robotics/mechatronics, but I've been wondering if a chemistry minor would be useful for a mechanical engineer in other fields in industry.
  20. henil

    Semi major and minor axis of polarization ellipse

    how can he we derive equations for semi major and minor axes of the polarization ellipse?
  21. S

    Programs Deciding between Physics or Engineering

    I'm trying to decide if I should pursue a career in physics in physics or engineering. I'm 17 and will be applying to universities soon and I'm considering the University of Waterloo, Queen's University and University of Toronto. If I continue with engineering than I would most likely pursue...
  22. N

    Programs Looking for a minor with a Civil Engineering major

    Hello, I am going into my first year of college and going to be working torwards earning my major in Civil Engineering over the next five years. My school offers a chance to get an accelerated minor along with my major and I am unsure what to pursue. I have heard many other Engineers minor in...
  23. R

    Programs Physics Major, EE Minor: Making the Decision

    I've been struggling for a long time, trying to decide between Physics and Electrical Engineering. My practical side says I should major in EE, but I'm not sure anymore. I was browsing the catalog of my university the other day and noticed they'd added an option to minor in EE. This was never an...
  24. D

    Programs Minor in computer science w/ a Physics major?

    I'm working on a physics major but have been thinking of doing a minor in cs or maybe stats? Would either of these be beneficial or would one be more useful than the other?
  25. Y

    Programs Is a Physics Major with a Chemistry Minor a Good Combination for a PhD?

    Hello How is this degree? Is it hard? Is this combination is good? I would like to do a PhD on physics and for now I know the basics of C++ programming and in the future I want to expand my knowledge with Microsoft courses or something like that.. Thanks!
  26. S

    Programs Physics Minor - Course Selection for ME

    Hello! I'm a Mechanical Engineering major considering a minor in Applied Physics; however, there are so many choices and I like all of them. I was hoping someone could give me some feedback. Perhaps, what physics courses are most relevant for a Mechanical Engineer. In my university, New Jersey...
  27. M

    Relationship of discharge and minor loss coefficient

    What is relationship between discharge coefficient and minor loss coefficient. Am I right with that equations? hl – minor head loss k – minor loss coefficient ρ – air density A – pipe cross section area Cd – discharge coefficient Δp – pressure drop u – air velocity m – mass flow here is...
  28. N

    Programs Official CS Minor vs. Just Taking CS Courses?

    Hello! I'm a sophomore applied mathematics and physics double major, and I have ~30 credits to spare on any courses I might want to take before I graduate. I'm going use this "extra space" to take computer science courses. I have been programming with Python for several years now and I have...
  29. J

    Physics Benefit of a physics minor or major in Computer Science

    I'm currently a Computer Science major, but I'm really into physics and I was wondering if there is any practical benefit to getting a physics minor, or even a major. Is there anyone looking for people with a background in both physics and CS? And would a minor (or even a major) be enough...
  30. jamalkoiyess

    Programs CS Minor vs Math Minor: Which is Best for Graduate Work?

    Hello PF, I have posted lately about this problem I am facing of choosing between the two minors as a physics major, but there is some updates and I need new insight on the subject. I have been taking an introductory course in computer science that I am really enjoying and getting some good...
  31. yitzchak

    Job Skills Two BS degrees in Chem and Phys w/ Minor in Biochem in May

    Hello. I'm feeling a little bit depressed, desperate and excited, because I am graduating in May of next year. I will have a BS in chemistry, a BS in physics and a minor in biochemistry. What I am wondering is, what kind of job can I hope for with these degrees? I've done research work in an...
  32. Q

    Programs Nuke Minor: Can I Work at NPP w/ Math Degree?

    If I major in math and minor in nuclear engineering. Can I work at a npp still? I would like to get a math degree rather than nuke degree just in case I want to work in the math field(no teaching).
  33. jamalkoiyess

    Programs Which minor is better for a physics major: C.S. or math?

    Hello PF, Tomorrow is the registration for my spring semster and it is time for me to choose what i wsnt as a minor to start taking the courses. I asked my adviser and he told me that C.S. is a good minor for physics, without any clear reason. Now i do not trust this man very well, and nor does...
  34. jamalkoiyess

    Programs Computer science minor for a physics major

    Hello PF, I am a physics sophomore this year and i took a course on java programming as an elective. And i just loved it! Really the harder it became the more i liked it. So i decided that i want to do something about it. But i don't know if a minor or a major is better for a physics major. And...
  35. C

    Schools Will my minor affect grad school admission?

    Hello, I am currently an undergrad aiming for a B.S in Physics and a minor in Space and Planetary Sciences. I have only had the chance to take one astronomy class towards my minor and I am wondering how much a minor is considered in grad school admissions? My end game is to continue on through...
  36. Z

    Programs Best minor for a Mechanical Engineering student?

    At the university I'm planning on transferring to in a year I pretty much have to take a bunch of technical electives which can come from any STEM department. For example, I could take a bunch of theoretical physics classes that will count towards my degree or I can take more ME classes that...
  37. R

    Programs Physics minor or physics major

    I'm majoring in ee for sure, maybe eecs if I get into Berkeley or MIT (unlikely but who knows what the future holds). I would also like to learn a lot of physics to build that kind of thinking and a solid background for situations in which I go into research and development in the industry. My...
  38. Janan

    Other Minor in Cs vs Minor in Busieness

    Hi I am studying physics, and now considering the idea of taking a minor, my question is whether preferred to take minor in computer science or business ad. As for job opportunities. Thanks
  39. Arij

    Programs Adding a math minor to a physics degree?

    Hello guys, I was wondering what are your thoughts on pursuing a math minor in addition to my physics degree. I have two years left to graduate. I will have to go through Transition (introduction to proofs), Linear Algebra, Analysis, Abstract Algebra and number theory and a 400 level class...
  40. C

    Engineering BS Mathematics to EE Master or Graduat Minor

    I'm considering going after a MS in Electrical/Minor Math or Masters Math/Minor electrical. I have BS in mathematics. I am completing the background EE courses as needed. What areas of EE are the best fit for someone who had a strong interest in Analysis and continuous mathematics? I was...
  41. obstinatus

    Programs Economics Major, Physics Minor?

    As I've posted in another thread, I'm struggling with having failed to make significant progress in my physics degree; continuing to pursue it as an undergraduate major would likely result in another two years of school (and including a couple semesters off, I've already been an undergrad for 5...
  42. jaskamiin

    Programs Math minor, double major, and elective classes advice

    There's a lot of questions that float around like "I'm an EE major, should I double/minor in math?", "What math classes should I take as a physics major?", etc. After I typed in the title, this already started to show. Maybe you will disagree with some philosophical points I make, but I think...
  43. T

    I Calculate Minor Losses due to Flow Geometry Alone

    Hi does anyone know a way to calculate the Minor losses related just to flow Geometry isolated from Major frictional losses, all the k tables I can find combine the frictional losses with the geometry losses eg see below blurb from but I was hoping to obtain a first principles formula that...
  44. F

    What is the Formula for Minor Loss Due to Expansion?

    Homework Statement from the previous thread , https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/minor-loss-in-pipe.869148/ , i know that formula of loss due to contraction can also be expressed as k[( mean velocity )^ 2 ] / 2g how about the formula of minor loss due to expansion , can we expressed as...
  45. F

    Minor Loss in Pipe: Which Formula?

    Homework Statement which formula is correct ? the formula in the first ? or in the second ? one is using the mean velocity , while the another one is using velocity difference between vena contarcta and velocity at exit ... Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution
  46. F

    What Does Number of Diameters Mean in Pipe Flow Analysis?

    Homework Statement what is the meaning of number of diameter N ? why the author make L = ND ? and then divide it by D ? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution
  47. F

    Minor loss due to sudden expansion

    Homework Statement why the minor loss due to sudden expansion is given by formula of [( v_c - v_2) ^2 ]/ 2g ? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution can it be [( v_2 - v_1) ^2 ]/ 2g ?
  48. gracy

    Major and minor grooves of DNA

    I know major groove occurs where the backbones are far apart and minor groove occurs where they are close together. But I don't understand it. I don't see any difference in both of these grooves
  49. LeftMyHeartInErebor

    Programs Is a Minor in Mathematics Worthwhile for a Physics Major?

    My first 2 years in college I was a little lost in what I wanted to do so I completed almost all of my generation ed classes. I finally realized I love physics, I am interested in astrophysics although I know I have time and opportunities to change my mind . Happily I attend a school with a...