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Can you take certificates in two different fields ?

  1. Jun 30, 2011 #1
    i want a clear answer about whether i could study for example mechanical engineer and take a bachelor with it, so i have the opportunity to work as a mechanical engineer, but i also wish to study quantum physics and take M.A and Ph.D with it... is this possible or not? what I'm asking basically is that can you have M.A and Ph.D with a field different than the field you studied for your bachelor ? I hope you get my point
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    It is possible, but it would likely take much additional coursework and catchup as a mechanical engineering degree would not prepare you for graduate work in Physics.
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    It is possible but if you will have to take at the very least, the fundamental courses of a physics major (QM, thermal physics, E&M, Mechanics, math and computer methods for physics is required often too). This may be a bit of a pain when tacked on to your ME work.
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