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FIELDS is a science instrument on the Parker Solar Probe (PSP), designed to measure magnetic fields in the solar corona during its mission to study the Sun. It is one of four major investigations on board PSP, along with WISPR, ISOIS, and SWEAP. It features three magnetometers. FIELDS is planned to help answer an enduring questions about the Sun, such as why the solar corona is so hot compared to the surface of the Sun and why the solar wind is so fast (a million miles per hour).The host spacecraft, Parker Solar Probe, was launched by a Delta IV Heavy on August 12, 2018 from Florida, USA. On August 13, 2018 FIELDS became the first instrument to be activated including beginning deployment of the 4 whip antenna (clamps unlocked) and extension of the magnetometer boom. On September 4, 2018 the whip antennas were deployed.

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  1. DuckAmuck

    A Lagrangian Cohesion

    How would you unify the two Lagrangians you see in electrodynamics? Namely the field Lagrangian: Lem = -1/4 Fμν Fμν - Aμ Jμ and the particle Lagrangian: Lp = -m/γ - q Aμ vμ The latter here gives you the Lorentz force equation. fμ = q Fμν vν It seems the terms - q Aμ vμ and - Aμ Jμ account for...
  2. SianRR

    Motion in Electric and Magnetic Fields -- Help Please (Uni Level Dynamics)

    I've attached my attempt at a solution below, I thought integrating it would be the best way to go but I'm just getting so confused and could use some help. This isn't my first attempt at a solution either I've been working on this for just under two hours now.
  3. Bobjoesmith

    I Physical Meaning of a Quantum Field

    Sorry in advance if this question doesn't make sense. Anyway, I am reading a paper about quantum field theory and the Whitman Axioms (, and it describes a field (Ψ) as Ψ:𝑀→𝑉⊗End(𝐷) where 𝑀 is a spacetime manifold, 𝑉 is a vector...
  4. L

    Engineering Magnetic Field Question (saturating an iron plate)

    I know that the field inside sample is a combination of the demagnetizing field and whatever applied field you may have. So these two fields together influence how big a field you need in order to magnetize the sample.
  5. R

    Other Using Databases like Scopus to Find Trends in Physics

    Hello everyone. My question is how can I use databases like scopus to know which areas of physics are the "hot" today or which are still in development.
  6. T

    Conditions needed for magnetic force on a conductor

  7. Javier Lopez

    Particle movement in a non-static magnetic field

    Particles follows accordingly the general equation: $$ m*\overrightarrow{a}=q*\overrightarrow{E}+q*\overrightarrow{v}\wedge \overrightarrow{B} $$ But in the case of two coupled coils the time varying current at primary coil (and its magnetic field variation) creates corresponding varying...
  8. J

    A Fields transforming in the adjoint representation?

    Hi! I'm doing my master thesis in AdS/CFT and I've read several times that "Fields transforms in the adjoint representation" or "Fields transforms in the fundamental representation". I've had courses in Advanced mathematics (where I studied Group theory) and QFTs, but I don't understand (or...
  9. N

    Velocity of a charged particle as it approaches infinity

    Homework Statement Homework Equations F = k(q1q1/r^2) K = (mv^2)/2 The Attempt at a Solution I got number 18 easy enough, number 19 seems simple but I'm not getting the right answer. I'm calculating Force exerted by each charge on the new charge using F = k(q1q1/r^2) for the three charges...
  10. M

    Linear algebra, field morphisms and linear independence

    Homework Statement Let f1,f2, ..., fn : K -> L be field morphisms. We know that fi != fj when i != j, for any i and j = {1,...,n}. Prove that f1,f2, ..., fn are linear independent / K. Homework Equations f1, ..., fn are field morphisms => Ker (fi) = 0 (injective) The Attempt at a Solution I...
  11. O

    A Asymptotic form of soliton-antisoliton solution for S.G eqn.

    I'm not sure this is the best place for this question, and apologize if it isn't. I'm studying the classical field solutions on the first few chapter of Rajaraman's Solitons and instantons : an introduction to solitons and instantons in quantum field theory. Well, my question is about one of...
  12. Paul Woods

    I What mechanism enables interaction of the fields?

    In Quantum Field Theory, I am led to believe that there is a different field for each type of particle. When particles interact, it is an exchange of vibration between the fields. What mechanism is at play when one field influences another in this way? It seems I've only ever found...
  13. Urs Schreiber

    Insights Mathematical Quantum Field Theory - Fields - Comments

    Greg Bernhardt submitted a new PF Insights post Mathematical Quantum Field Theory - Fields Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  14. J

    Quantum Theoretical Physics course textbooks

    Hello, I will be attending an undergraduate course called "Theoretical Physics" and I want to borrow some books from the library that cover the material of this course. I would appreciate any suggestions. The syllabus of the course is the following(I will be translating so I am sorry If...
  15. Rectifier

    Number theory - fields, multiplication table

    The problem Consider field ##(F, +, \cdot), \ F = \{ 0,1,2,3 \}## With the addition table: Find a multiplication table. The attempt Please read the most of my answer before writing a reply. My solution was $$ \begin{array}{|c|c|c|} \hline \cdot & 0 & 1 & 2 & 3 \\\hline 0 & 0 & 0 & 0 & 0...
  16. S

    B Question about understanding conductors for EM course

    So in conductors, the electrons will distribute themselves to the surface via repulsion forces. But why do we say that the electric field inside is zero? If I put a positive charge inside, clearly it will move in some direction from the electric field of generated from the electrons. Also, are...
  17. J

    Tension Supporting one ball

    Homework Statement Two identical conducting balls, b1 and b2, each with a mass of 25.0g both are hanging at 50.0cm at an angle of 45Degrees from the vertical each. Homework Equations Fg = mg Fe = kq/r^2 Ft = ? The Attempt at a Solution I made a free body diagram and am confused on what to do...
  18. S

    B Methods of inducing an EMF

    So from Faraday's law, a change in the magnetic flux will induce an emf on a loop of wire. { \phi }_{ B }\quad =\quad BA\\ { \varepsilon }_{ ind }\quad =\quad \frac { d{ \phi }_{ B } }{ dt } (in this case a perpendicular field) From these equations, it looks like the only way to induce a...
  19. S

    Magnetic field outside of a solenoid conceptual

    How come the magnetic field outside a solenoid is practically zero? I've read reasons along the lines of: -The magnetic field cancels out on the outside. Of course the net force cancels out, but what if you have an object placed on just one spot? The force on that object clearly is not 0...
  20. S

    Magnetic field strength for circular loop

    When deriving the magnetic field strength due to a circular loop at some distance away from it's center (using Biot-Savart's law), why is the angle between ds and r 90 degrees? This is a youtube video with the derivation, see 5:55
  21. S

    Biot-Savart's Law for cylindrical conductor

    Homework Statement The figure shows a cross section across a diameter of a long cylindrical conductor of radius a = 2.92 cm carrying uniform current 151 A. What is the magnitude of the current's magnetic field at the center of the conductor? Homework Equations Biot-Savart's Law The Attempt...
  22. S

    Biot Savart Law Problem

    Homework Statement The figure shows two very long straight wires (in cross section) that each carry a current of 3.19 A directly out of the page. Distance d1 = 6.00 m and distance d2 = 4.00 m. What is the magnitude of the net magnetic field at point P, which lies on a perpendicular bisector to...
  23. P

    I If fields fill all of space, how do they have room to move?

    If fields fill all of space, how do they have room to move? Those tile games we had as kids always required one empty space to slide the tile into.
  24. J

    An insulating sphere inside a conducting sphere questions

    I've been given a copy of my friend's midterm exam from this same class from last term, and decided to take a crack at it to help study. One question type in particular really messes me up and it looks like the following. How would I go about solving these in the future? A solid insulating...
  25. N

    Electrical Fields within the body

    So I was thinking, if the body has its own electrical currents... especially in the brain, then the brain must have an electrical field that extends infinitely. If that is the case can the brains electrical field interact with the real world and influence it. So for example if the field was...
  26. DeldotB

    A few questions about a ring of polynomials over a field K

    Homework Statement Consider the ring of polynomails in two variables over a field K: R=K[x,y] a)Show the elements x and y are relatively prime b) Show that it is not possible to write 1=p(x,y)x+q(x,y)y with p,q \in R c) Show R is not a principle ideal domain Homework Equations None The...
  27. mgkii

    Energy at zero axis in an Electromagnetic field?

    Can someone correct my understanding on electromagnetic waves please; I've clearly got the wrong end of a stick somewhere, but can't figure out where my misunderstanding is! Thanks. If I draw a classic EM wave with the electric field on the up and down axis and the magnetic field at right...
  28. P

    Quantum Chunky & Fields

    Does QM contain both discrete particles and fields? If so, why aren't these two mutually exclusive? It seems like one is chunky and the other continuous.
  29. M

    Physics applications in cancer research/treatment

    I am a third year undergraduate physics major. Often time people ask what I want to do with physics, and I didn't really have an answer for them. I guess I always assumed I'd pursue a masters degree in some kind of engineering, but I want to be able to do something that I'm passionate about...
  30. cvex

    How to get the laplacian of a scalar field?

    Hi, I am trying to calculate the laplacian of a scalar field but I might actually need something else. So basically I am applying reaction diffusion on a 2d image. I am reading the neighbours, multiplying them with these weights and then add them. This works great. I don't know if what I am...
  31. J

    Electric Fields and Charges Fill in the blanks

    Homework Statement [/B] Select the answers which complete the statements below (e.g., if answer A completes the first statement, and answer B the others, enter ABBBB). A) positive B) negative C) neutral D) cannot tell A positive point charge is brought near the outside surface of a...