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Cant change my desktop background anymore

  1. Sep 19, 2008 #1
    Hello all,

    My system was infected with sometype of virus or spyware. When i start my coputer the desktop is a while screen with a window in the the middle that says "Warning spyware detected on your computer" the spyware it says was deteced are win32/adware/.virumonde and win32/privacy remover.m64. Its just an image its not clickable but when i try to change my desktop background it says the featue has been disabled.

    Im running windows vista when it starts it a program called C:/users/kyle/appdata/local/temp/.tt9d28.tmp.vbs. I dont alow it to run. I have been unableto locate this file howeveri deleted the files from which i beleive it came from. No luck wth mcafee either. I need soe serious help on this one folks.

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    infections are gone now but still cant change the background its all blue now, guess ill hve to reformat my HD :(
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    I've fixed this problem many times on client machines; I used an offline editor (basically booting from CD but able to load and edit the Windows registry, ie., Ultimate Boot CD) to remove the registry entries and dll files that were causing the problem. Basically, don't let anything start at startup other than vital Windows services (once, the main activity was even threaded off of a Brother printer driver) and check your userinit registry key.
    If you are not experienced with registry editing, I suggest downloading and running HijackThis, and posting the log with a report of your problems at http://forums.spybot.info/forumdisplay.php?f=22 or http://forums.whatthetech.com/HijackThis_Logs_and_Infections_Removal_f27.html . The users there are experienced in virus and spyware removal and will give specific instructions on your particular log.
    However, the most convenient solution is indeed a system restore.
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