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Can't post in Math and Science Learning Materials forum

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    I came on PF after about a month to ask a question in the Math and Science Learning Materials forum. However, it seems I'm not allowed to start a new topic in this forum (unlike in, say, the homework forum). Is there a reason for this-- only certain members can post, etc?
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    Yeah, only Science Advisors and Homework Helpers and mentors can post there.
    If you want to post something there, then you need to pm a mentor...

    But I'm sure your question would also be suited under academic guidance??
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    Aha! I see. Thank you :)
    I was going to ask about preparation for F=ma (I know it's been asked before, but my case is slightly unusual) and that doesn't seem to fit under academic guidance...or does it?
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    Yes, the Learning Materials forums are intended as a sort of "reference library" with links to web sites, etc., not for asking questions.

    If you have a general question about F=ma, you can ask it in the "Classical Physics" forum.

    If you have a specific homework / coursework exercise that you want help in solving, go to "Homework and Coursework Questions" and use the "Introductory Physics" subforum.
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