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Capillary Tubes (purchase in Canada)

  1. Oct 30, 2007 #1
    Hey everybody

    I'm looking to buy a set of these:


    the 5mm OD tubes that become malleable when subjected to heat (for a little project I want to do). Unfortunately, this website does not ship to Canada.

    Anyone know of any brick & mortar stores or other websites that would sell this item?


    P.S. I live in Toronto, Ontario in case you know of a very convenient location.
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    I'm sure you can buy these from VWR - they have locations in Canada.
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    You could just buy them online from somewhere in Canada or on eBay.
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    VWR does offer what I'm looking for, however it comes at a high price

    http://www.vwrcanlab.com/catalog/product/index.cgi?object_id=0008810&class_id=5005843 [Broken]

    over $400 for all types of glass tubing.
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    Those look almost like NMR sample tubes. You should be able to find those at plenty of vendors for dirt cheap.
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    Epson science on Dufferin at Yorkdale, look for the giant telescope on the roof.
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